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Searching in Designers will find any and all designers whose names match or contain the search text. Thus searching for al will find designers with names like Al, Alan, Alain, Baljeu and Dalgleish.

Regardless of the number of results returned, you will be shown all matching results in a, possibly long, list. Click on the designer you want and you will be taken to that Designer's Profile Page.

You can add spaces into the search string but the whole text is treated as a single string, so only names that exactly match the text will be returned. So, if you search for "al l" then only names that contain "a" then "l" then "space" then "l" will match and be shown in the results; e.g. Al Leonardi, Hal Leggett and Rugby Trivia International Ltd.

If your search returns no results, but you expected it to, try using fewer characters in your text strings, or try alternative spellings; e.g. search for al rather than alan or sm instead of smith, or search for alain instead of alan.

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