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Periodical: Dragon

Brief History

Dragon Magazine was first published in 1976 by TSR. The last issue, #359, came out in 2007 from Paizo Publishing. Throughout the 30+ year run, the magazine focused primarily on Dungeons & Dragons, but occasionally an article relevant to board games or a complete game would be included in an issue.

Issues with Complete Games:

10 Snit Smashing
11 Snit's Revenge!
11 errata for Snit Smashing
18 Dragon's All-Star Super Snit Revue
28 The Awful Green Things From Outer Space
34 Bolotomus' Revenge
38 Ringside
40 Outside the Znutar - expansion rules for The Awful Green Things From Outer Space
40 Runngus' Game
44 Food Fight
51 Search for the Emperor's Treasure
60 Flight of the Boodles
64 Planet Busters
64 Championship Sumo Wrestling
65 Monsters of the Midway
69 Arrakhar's Wand
72 File 13
77 King of the Tabletop
78 errata for King of the Tabletop
82 The Baton Races of Yaz
88 Elefant Hunt
100 Dragonchess
118 Nibar's Keep
125 Clay-O-Rama
128 King's Table, aka Hnefatafl
132 Orcwars
134 Rules clarifications for Orcwars. - Final version was published in GAZ10: The Orcs of Thar.
147 Magus
166 Dino Wars
170 Dragon Kings
271 Colossus
273 Abandon Ship!

Several games originally published in Dragon were collected in The Best of Dragon Magazine Games:

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