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Please don't work in this page! Copy it's raw contents to a new page and use the new page as your PbF worksheet!

The following code snippets can be used for a PbF game of Durance. They list the common parts of the game setup an have some basic formatting already build in.

See lydon_PbF_Durance for sample use (game in progress!)

To use it copy the part you need from here to your forum post.

[b][size=12]PLANETARY SURVEY[/size][/b]

A. Atmosphere is excellent
B. Climate is mild
C. Geology is stable
D. Hydrology is favorable
E. Biology is benign
F. Intelligent life is absent

Each player in turn highlights one of the unselected entries using [b]BOLD[/b] tags and crosses out another one using [-]strike through[/-].

[b][size=12]COLONIAL RECORD[/size][/b]

U. Planning is meticulous
V. Density is low
W. Workforce is motivated
X. Prosperity is high
Y. Order is well-established
Z. Justice is universal

Each player in turn highlights one of the six using [b]BOLD[/b] tags and crosses out another one using [-]strike through[/-].

[b][size=12]WHAT DRIVES US iS...[/size][/b]


Each player in turn crosses one of the six out using [-]strike through[/-] until one remains.


This is the cast and focus of our game. During the play each of us will advocate the notables he creates. It is very likely that we will portrait them in a scene or they might even die.

The Notables are of different power level and some of them are Authority while the others are mere Convicts. Each player will in turn choose a first and, after everyone else has chosen, a second Notable from the ladder. [i]But the second Notable must come from a different side of the ladder as well as from a different rung of power![/i]


[i]Leader of the colony[/i]

[i]Judge & Captain of Marines[/i]

[i]Free spouses & merchants[/i]

Colonial MARINEs
[i]The brutal hands of Authority[/i]

[i]Former convicts, conditionally free[/i]

[i]Criminal Overlord[/i]

[i]The Abbott and Captain Sharp[/i]

[i]Runaways-convict heroes[/i]

[i]Thieves, whores, and murderers[/i]

[i]Political prisoners and outcasts[/i][/floatright]

Our Notables will need good colony names, I think we all can make some up or use [url=]a random name[/url]. We also need to choose the role (such as Judge or Marine Caption for the Functionary) and perhaps a military rank or the specific job (Swells).

Be sure to think about connections between the characters. Don't be shy to create conflicts or even relationships across hierarchies (between Convicts and Authority...).


An Oath should be a serious thing and it should conflict with the unique drive 'Control'. It's the one thing the notable has sworn they will never do as long as they draw breath. It is something to be challenged and to create difficult situations for the characters.

The format to swear the Oath is:
[b]Everyone wants Control, but I will never [OATH] to get it.[/b]

[i]I did send the list of sample Oaths to you via Geekmail (except to Brian who has the rulebook).[/i]

After Brian has chosen his SWELL, the next in line starts choosing one Oaths for one notable.

[b]Important:[/b] You don't need to choose an Oath for your own character. You can, but choosing for someone else is certainly more fun, isn't it? :)

[b][size=12]Wrapping it up...[/size][/b]

After each notable has an Oath, the last step before we start is to wrap it all up: Ideas about the Planet and the Colony (we don't need to use the lists of optional items, it's nothing wrong with some of our own), and more relationships between the characters. We already have some of those, but perhaps there are other, more subtle links we that are good to know about?

[b][size=12]Uncertainty Triangle[/size][/b]

[b]Servility[/b] (roll d6)
[b]Savagery[/b] (roll d6)
[b]UNIQUE DRIVE[/b] (roll d6)
[i]beats Servility[/i]

[b][size=12]Playing a Scene[/size][/b]

The host of the game guides the first scene, after this the job of the guide goes to the next player.

The guide will set the scene by asking a specific question, which should involve two noteables (not his own) and ideally collide with an oath. The other players will play out the scene, and the guide sits back and enjoys the story. He can ask additional helpful questions if needed. 

If at any place there is [b][i]uncertainty[i][/b] about the outcome of the scene, the triangle is questioned: the guide selects one die that is fix, the other two are rolled. The result interpreted and the scene gets resolved depending on which drive is dominant. Doubles and triples are special events!

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