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Board game design competition at the largest role-playing game convention in Denmark.


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Award - Best Board Game
Award - Best Innovation
Jury Comments
2021 Winner Riding Shotgun* Søren Brandborg*, Mark Elsdon* The stagecoach is filled to the brim with gold. The bandits give chase, and the guards frantically try to stop them. This is a fully realized western fantasy, with an abundance of thematic elements, all tightly integrated with the overarching concept and story. Each of the two teams must coordinate their plans, but the other team hears everything, and this creates numerous opportunities for counterplay. Building onto this, a central bluff-mechanic makes you question the bandit's attack against you. But are you ready to call it? When the consequences of doing so, might be more disastrous than the attack.
2021 Nominee Beast Aron Midhall, Elon Midhall Dawn breaks, and the hunt begins, in this asymmetrical board game of hunter and prey. Playing as the hunters, you track the beast through the swamps and forests, constantly on your toes and with increasing bloodthirst. Alone the hunters are weak, but together, they are more than a match. Playing as the beast there is a constant tension. The evocative narrative and well balanced core mechanics, make you feel both over- and underpowered. You must resort to trickery and evasion to survive, often by just the skin of your teeth.
2021 Nominee Winner Feasting Fiends* Kristian Karlberg, Kenny Zetterberg* In Feasting Fiends, you construct a food line to feed a group of notoriously picky fiends. With only four available actions at any time, things start out simple and are easy to get into, but soon the machine turns out to be devilishly complicated, and things aren't helped by your opponent who is also manipulating the same food line, constantly throwing a wrench in your otherwise well laid out plans. The best kind of frustrating fun, but also that superb sense of satisfaction, when it all lines up for that one, perfect move.
Is nominated for its use of the food line, and the simple, yet complicated actions that manipulate it. Playing Feasting Fiends is like learning to play a musical instrument with only four keys, yet the food line just doesn't want to play nice and every action can feel like the wrong note. What you are left with is a plethora of strategies and chain reactions that hurt the players' brains, in a good way.
2021 Nominee Amazing Lazy Merchants* Jesper Dahl* Is nominated for turning worker placement on its head. A moving board and stationary, even sedentary, workers. The result: A game experience exactly like the title suggests. Once the game starts, any effort of trying to play a normal worker placement game is ruined by the lazy workers. Who require a massive effort, just to get them to do anything useful at all really...
2021 Nominee Schrödinger’s Cat* Jessica Creane* Is nominated for using the meta-game as the game. While the game itself only lasted a couple of minutes, people couldn't stop talking about it, joking about it, and constantly mentioning it. The game takes its own outcome, and locks it away in a box. Do you win the game by opening the box a week later, or did the game end a week earlier, when you refused to open the box? Maybe?
2020 Winner Pedigree Dogs* Jesper Kjær* In Pedigree Dogs you build a kennel for dogs, train them and compete against the other players in different kinds of dog sports to achieve the highest number of victory points. You do this through different actions like collecting resources and playing dog cards to your kennel. You can collect points through a range of different strategies like picking the most valuable dogs, breed the most puppies or focus on the competitions.
Pedigree Dogs is nominated for being a polished and easily accessible experience where even hardcore cat lovers will be focused on which dog has the most medals in the agility competitions. The easy communication of the game and the variation of dog types, dog abilities and dog competitions makes sure that the game will be played again and again.
Nominee Collectors* Erik Andersson Sundén Collectors is a worker placement game where you race the other players to collect classic items from different fandoms, manipulate their value and still try to buy them as cheaply as possible. The game uses informative and multi functional cards, along with a well-designed board guides the game intuitively.
Collectors is nominated for being a solid, well polished entertaining game that succeeds in giving the players the feel of nerve wrecking competition in impressingly short time.
Nominee Nominee Old Gertrude's Room* Rikke Munchkin Sørensen* In the Merry Meadows Nursing Home all the residents envy Gertrude who is the Matrons favourite and for that reason lives in The Best Room. They fight each other to be the one to get rid of Gertrude, find scapegoats for their wrongdoings and please the Matron. The main mechanic of the game is to manipulate the order of everyone's actions, and whether Gertrude or the Matron is affected by the actions.
Old Gertrude’s Room is nominated (as best boardgame) for its simple mechanic which creates complex interactions between players, and for how the humorous theme runs through all aspects of the game - from clear descriptions of the retirees to components such as pill boxes and buttons.
Old Getrude’s Room is nominated (as best innovation) for its innovative and humorous theme, which runs through every aspect of the game, from pill boxes and buttons to deadly senior gymnastics.
Nominee Lagrange* Morten Andersen, Tina Christensen, Claes Schütt, Troels Vastrup Lagrange is a classic eurogame in which all players collect space junk and use it to upgrade their drones with things like larger engines, more lasers or tractor beams. Throughout the game you have to prioritise which challenges you want to specialise your drone to handle, while balancing engines, cargo capacity and efficiency. Players' choice of upgrades is a difficult decision every turn, and you never have enough actions to everything that you want to.
Lagrange is nominated for being a polished and well balanced game with rules that guide the players securely and concisely to start the game. Lagrange is also nominated for its good use of well known mechanics, the nice flow of the game and the interesting optimization challenges that change during each setup of the game.
Nominee Ten Minute Towns* Mads Fløe Draw Town Legacy uses simple symbols to represent the elements of a Western town. You flip cards and draw symbols in one of the four corners of the world and quickly see your town grows out before you. Dependent on how efficiently you place your symbols, you lure citizens to your town. They give you fame and through that, maybe victory. Through nine chapters new rules and cards are added in true legacy style.
Draw Town Legacy is nominated for how solidly it uses cards and rules to help players to quickly learn how a town is drawn. The symbols are easy to copy and the legacy part guides the players to learn more rules as the game progresses, without ever getting overwhelming. Draw Town Legacy is fast to play and easily accessible. You always want to play one more chapter.
Winner Prism Break* Jonathan Palmer*, Ian Schreiber Prism Break is a real time Cyperpunk hacker coop game for 4 players where each player can only see part of the game information. The goal is to build a labyrinth of hallways which creates a route to the four corners of the board before 15 minutes has passed. The challenge is that each tile can have walls, traps and other challenges (some helpful, some dangerous) on them. The players need to consider carefully how the tiles are placed so they avoid trapping themselves.
Prism Break is nominated for the main premise of the game, where colored glasses create both a strong 80’s aesthetics and is the main element that controls which information is available to the players.
Nominee Trolls from the Mist* Michael Lindgaard Sørensen* In Trolls from the Mist the mist slowly moves closer to the human town and out of the fog the trolls emerges. In this two player game the players take on either the role as the alfa-troll or the human king. The two factions fight for power and survival in this asymmetrical game, where the factions feel very different even though they use the same mechanics. Throughout the game the players draw tiles from a bag and for that reason you try to control the content so the bag always contains exactly what you need.
Trolls from the Mist is nominated for the dynamic game board where the mist-board slowly moves further and further over the main board. The game runs fluently and quickly and the two factions feel both different and balanced.
Nominee Little Woman* Malik Hyltoft* In Little Women four friends share sadness and joy, while juggling life’s major upheavals. From 1928 to 1935 the players explore how their characters' lives with children, boyfriends and work affect their joy of life and their friendship.
Little Women is nominated for teaching players about a specific time in history in a realistic way, with room for plenty of immersion into the characters life. The mechanics and character-boards show how life unfolds for the four women, until you in the end see it all laid out in front of you. It gives a solid foundation for fun and heartbreaking stories when Men change hands and friendship either thrives or perishes.
Nominee Odyssey of Heroes* Kasper Christiansen*, Kåre Storgaard Odyssey of Heroes is a cooperative game for 2-4 players in which the heroes fight both inner and outer forces to complete their journey. During the game the heroes improve their abilities, make difficult decisions and fight monsters from the greek mythology like satyrs, giants, harpies and sirens. The game combines combats inspired by rpg-computer games, a roleplaying campaign experience and ‘choose your own adventure’ in true Sword and Sorcery style.
Odyssey of Heroes is nominated for succeeding with the narrative ambitions of a well written and epic adventure and the gradual teaching of the game, so that you quickly get to impressing the gods with heroic deeds.
2019 Winner Whirling Witchcraft Erik Anderson Sundén The witches are cackling and staring evily at the witch to their right side. In Whirling Witchcraft the players are witches trying to send as many and as difficult materials on to their right neighbour.
Every round the players adds new recipes to their collection to transform their own ingredients before sending them on to the next players untill someone runs out of storage space and loses the game.Whirling Witchcraft is nominated for a solid game-design, which results in a game that is both easy and intuitive to play. The way you send both resources and recipes to your opponents, makes it both challenging and fun when trying to make sure the right witch loses and you thereby win yourself. It is a pleasure to play again and again.
Nominee Winner Parasite* Uffe Thorsen* A young and confused parasite hits a spacestation. Parasite is an assymetrical 2-player game where one player controls the parasite desperately trying to fulfill its needs without quite knowing what they are. The other player controls the station doing its best to defend itself from the alien attack.

Parasite is nominated (for Best Board Game) for being a well-balanced asymmetrical game that manages to create two completely different experiences. Both sides panicked attempts to survive and find each other’s needs, makes the game both exciting and surprising right to the end.

Parasite i nominated (for Best Innovation) for pushing the boundaries of what an asymmetrical game can be, while giving its players two widely different boardgame experiences, without compromising the games balance and soul. Parasite challenges players thought on how a boardgame should be learned and experienced the first time played.
Nominee Nominee Storm Chasers* Dan Halstad Stormchasers is a crazy race to take pictures of the storms without being swallowed by the tornado. The players drive their cars around the board using real-time dice rolling while one of the players control the storms and tornadoes in an attempt to destroy all their plans.

Storm Chasers is nominated (for Best Board Game) for a simple and intuitive game-design, which manages to both stress and enjoy the players. The game is easy to play and the joy of trapping your opponents with the tornado, as the storm, make both experiences a pleasure.

Stormchasers is nominated (for Best Innovation) for it’s innovative take on what you can do with a pickup and deliver game, while pressing its players to the brink in a fast-paced game that never slows down. The strong thematic lends zero doubt to the role the players take on.
Nominee Nominee The Two Princes* Martin Bødker Enghoff* In 1483 Edward IV, the king of England, dies leaving two young heirs. They are taken to the Tower of London to prepare the eldest brother for his corronation. Before long they realize that they are trapped. They must escape the tower or they will be lost forever.
In The Two Princes two players tell the story of what happened to the two heirs.
The two players work together to make choices and solve tasks using a carddriven mechanic.

The Two Princes is nominated (For Best Board Game) for it's catching story and the use of challenge cards where the players feel that the choises they make have serious consequenses later in the game. It is a game you can play many times, whitout ever getting the exact same story.

Two princes is nominated (for Best Innovation) for its ability to push narrative escapegames to a whole new level, where the player is pushed into strong dilemmas that feels both difficult, heartbreaking and meaningful.
Nominee The Machine* Kasper Lapp At the factory the manager controlled by one of the players try to complete The Machine. The other players are the hardworking (or not so hardworking) labourers who try their best to avoid being fired by the manager or the union or perhaps even work hard enough to get a promotion.
Each round the manager puts the workers on different tasks that they can choose to complete more or less after which they he can deal out punishments and rewards.The Machine is nominated for a strong game-design, which results in a game that is both easy and logical to play. The game manages to capture the feeling of being a worker trapped in an unforgiving and unjust treadmill, which for the most ends in an unhappy ending, with an even bigger hatred to the machine that caused it.
Nominee Eldritch Arkham* Vincent van der Zwaag* In Eldritch Arkham the players control different factions battling for control of the city of Arkham and its inhabitants. Each faction moves around the central board in wildly different mechanics while gaining points in unique ways on their own player board. Some by kidnapping the local population or other players pawns, some by sacrificing their own people to dark gods and others still by sending their agents on secretive missions in the city.Eldritch Arkham is nominated for its unique blend of boardgame mechanics, that balances on a knifesedge without compromising the heart of each individual role in the game.
Nominee Mice & Dragons* Romain Caterdjian Mice and Dragons is an easily accessible dexterity game in which you guide a magnetic dragon head on a flexible neck around a 3D cave landscape to catch mice simultaneously with other players. The game contains different caves with varying scoring options in which the dragons can go hunt.Mice & Dragons is nominated for it’s new ideas within a well-tried genre. It pushes its players, young and old, to develop not only their dexterity, but also their spatial senses in a playful setting.
2018 Winner Witch Hunt* Kåre Storgaard & Kasper Christiansen* Witch Hunt is an asymmetric card game, where you as witch or hunter must complete either a ritual or a witch trial respectively before your opponent. You can levy the help of the citizens of the village during the game, but you might end up accusing the wrong person. The death of an innocent will increase the difficulty for the hunter.Witch Hunt is nominated for being a well-balanced asymmetric card game. Common actions with overlapping game mechanics combined with very different ways of playing cards result in a dynamic and intense game. The outcome is not certain until the very last second.
Winner Antasia* Otto Plantener Jensen* In Antasia you play little ants who venture out into the world in order to collect dew droplets to bring home to the colony. At the same time you must avoid getting bitten by beetles. This is done with an easy-to-learn deck building mechanic and by moving around on a three dimensional game board made out of blocks. Wait, a three dimensional game board you say? How is that possible? All the components are magnetic and you can therefore move your little ant around on the walls of the game board or even up-side down, which also gives the game a spatial twist.Antasia is nominated for its use of magnetic insects on a three dimensional game board and for inviting children to develop their spatial perception in a creative and fun way.
Nominee 50 Clues: Ritualet Jeppe Norsker 50 Clues: The Ritual is a combination of an Escape Room game and a crime novel in only 50 cards. 50 Clues is a cooperative game where you try to solve mysterious murders before the clock runs out. The rules are introduced on the first 5 cards, that also instruct the players in how new cards are introduced to the game. The players progress through the game by solving riddles, finding hidden clues and combining the right objects on the different cards. Everything is controlled by an app, that also keep track of the teams playing time.50 Clues: The Ritual is nominated for being a well-made and challenging game, that tickles the curiosity of the players. It also succeeds in jamming the joy of an Escape Room into a surprisingly small package.
Nominee Dungeon Contractors* Kåre Torndahl Kjær* It is difficult to please a Dungeon Lord. The solution for this is to outsource the building of the dungeon to the highest bidder. You try to complete most contracts by digging caves, building rooms and summoning monsters, while under the constant threat of destructive parties of annoying heroes called to the dungeon by your competitors. The game is based around an action selection mechanic, where the active player gets the best option and the other players get an equal, but weaker, action.Dungeon Contractors is nominated for its well designed game mechanics lowering down time and the solid theme, that portrays the risky cutthroat world of the dungeon contractor.
Nominee Nominee Galskab* Anders Fischer Riber* Galskab (Eng. ​Madness) is a historical educational game about the morbid history of psychiatry from its birth in 1750 and a hundred years forward. The players are together managing a lunatic asylum and trying to keep both economy and reputation under control whilst avoiding unneccessary deaths. You frequently invent new treatment methods, such as bath with live eel, ​arsenic, and ​whipping by stinging nettle. Later in time some methods might be considered distasteful and you have to reorganise to avoid a bad reputation.Galskab is nominated for putting the players in difficult dilemmas as well as communicating its historical material in an elegant and engaging fashion through both text and game mechanics. It is entertaining, educational and easy to play.
Nominee Knight Tales Stefan Tizar Hansson A group of knights defend a town against monsters in a classic fantasy setting. During the day they can buy equipment, go to church and tend their wounds. But when night falls, our heroes fight against monsters until they are all defeated or the heroes are exhausted. If the monsters get through however, they'll raid the town and everybody is closer to losing. If the knights make it through four days of wound licking and shopping and the accompanying four nights of intense fighting, the most valiant warrior is rewarded with the favor of the king and wins the game.Knight Tales is nominated for its excellent use of well-known game mechanics. The game is very accessible and the smooth flow makes it a pleasure to play again and again.
Nominee Move It!* Sofie Liv Støvelbæk* Move It! A dance battle board game. Two teams of dancers challenge each other on the dance floor. With dance moves like ​The Headbanger​ , ​Macarena​ and ​Guitar Leg,​ your opponents team must be beaten or humiliated. The game can be played as a board game, or you can ready your dance shoes and pick up the challenge as live action.Move It! is nominated for combining the possibilities of playing the game as an ordinary board game, or as a physical party game where 12 participants mimic their dance moves in fun and entertaining ways.
Nominee Parts Per Million* Aske Christiansen* Parts Per Million is a turn-based resource management game, where the player builds a nation with factories, wind turbines, research centers and cities. The players are constantly battling overpopulation, increasing temperatures and air pollution. Political agendas and anarchy threaten the development of your nation, and not everyone will make it.Parts Per Million is nominated for being an ambitious project, that in a complex way manages development on the board as well as point scoring, all while the players simultaneously compete and cooperate in different ways. The effect of accelerating global warming is neatly illustrated through the game mechanics and results in a clear understanding of the burning platform.
Nominee Rising Sands* Asger Harding Granerud & Daniel Skjold Pedersen In Rising Sands a group of adventurers fight their way through dungeons filled with orcs, goblins and trolls trying to collect their treasures. The game is a merciless time chase where the players rush to turn hourglasses and perform actions for the best of the party. With different character classes the game is all about utilising strengths and weaknesses of the individual party members. Between each level the players pick up treasures and improve their equipment.Rising Sands is nominated for intensifying and pressuring decision making at the same time as challenging the team work. Rising Sands is a new interpretation of classic dungeon crawl and brings new blood to the genre.
2017 Winner Winner Z* Mads L. Brynnum Z byder spillerne velkommen med en kort og nem startguide, og derefter introduceres reglerne løbende, når de skal bruges. Helt fra starten fortæller spillet en historie gennem velskrevne tekster og gode mekanikker. Som et historiefortællende brætspil passer Z perfekt på Fastaval.

Z nomineres for med sikker hånd at føre spillerne ind i både mekanikkerne og de ubehagelige valg. Det kunne let gå galt, men Z får det til at fungere.

Uden at kende reglerne skal spillerne overleve i en postapokalyptiskverden. Regler og mekanikker afsløres for spillerne undervejs i spillet og giver hele tiden nye måder at takle gruppens overlevelse på.

En flok tilfældigt sammenbragte overlevere prøver at holde kulde, sult og zombier fra døren i deres lejr. Hver runde bringer nye udfordringer, der tvinger spillerne til at træffe etiske og strategiske valg med begrænset information. Reglerne er enkle, og afsløres først når de skal anvendes, hvilket skaber plads til en spændende og overraskende historie.

Z nomineres for en helstøbt og imødekommende spiloplevelse, hvor simple mekanikker og velskrevne stemningsbeskrivelser smelter sammen til en medrivende og fascinerende helhedsoplevelse.
Nominee Dwarves & Diamonds* Sofie Liv Støvelbæk* Diggy, diggy hole! Hjælp dværgene med at mine krystaller i dybe minegange og saml de rigtige farvekombinationer til de ventende bestillinger. Samtidig skal du sikre dig, at de andre dværge ikke stjæler dine krystaller på vej ud af minen.

Dværge og Diamanter nomineres for at kombinere solid spilmekanik med et gennemført tema. Det er et let tilgængeligt spil, med mulighed for at man kan grave sig dybere ned i strategien efter lyst og evne.

I dværge og diamanter hjælper du dværgene med at mine krystaller i dybe minegange og saml de rigtige farvekombinationer til de ventende bestillinger. Samtidig skal du sikre dig, at de andre dværge ikke stjæler dine krystaller på vej ud af minen. Dværge og Diamanter er et hurtigt, turbaseret ressourceindsamlingsspil, med simple regler, der kræver man både skal planlægge sine egne træk og kunne forudse modstandernes.
Nominee Skycities* Allan Kirkeby* Med vinden i ryggen damper de gigantiske flyvende byer af sted ud over landskabet for at vinde dronningens gunst. Saml ressourcer, bekæmp banditter og søg indflydelse på byerne rundt omkring i landet. Skycities er et både hyggeligt og udfordrende spil med en interessant vindmekanik til at give spillet retning.

Skycities nomineres for at fremmane en levende setting gennem spillets mekanikker, og for på en tilgængelig måde at kombinere positionering på brættet, indsamling af ressourcer og opbygning af byen.

I Skycites konkurrerer mod de andre spillere for at score flest points over spillets 12 runder.
Spillepladen er modulært opbygget af 91 hex felter. Du flytter din Skycity hen over landskabet, og indsamler ressourcer fra de felter du flyver hen over. Ved at bruge vinden kan du optimere dine bevægelser, og derved samle flere ressourcer, fuldføre flere missioner og score flere points.
Det vindende strategi er en kombination af tidlig investering i nyttige opgraderinger, regelmæssig fuldførelse af missioner, øge indflydelse i bosættelser og få så mange af byens strukturer bygget som muligt.
Nominee Kingmaker* Kåre Torndahl Kjær* Kongen er død, kongen længe leve! Kingmaker er et abstrakt og samtidigt meget tematisk intrigespil om at være magten bag magten. Spillerne er adelsfamilier, der kæmper med og mod hinanden om at finde den nye konge og være familien med mest indflydelse på tronen. Det er således ikke kongen, men kongemageren, der vinder spillet.

Kingmaker nomineres for uden tunge mekanikker og langstrakte forhandlinger at fremmane følelsen af hofintriger og intense magtkampe, hvor ingen kan vide sig sikker på sejren.

I Kingmaker gælder det om at finde en ny konge, men kongen er ikke vinder. Det er tilgengæld den spiller der har mest indflydelse på den nye konge. Spillerne spiller kort der ændre styrke forholdet mellem de mulige konger eller ændre spillerens indflydelse på de enkelte mulige konger.
Nominee Ragnarok* Sven Strandbygaard* Aser, jætter og mennesker kæmper om herredømmet over de fire riger omkring Yggdrasil.
I Ragnarok gør kombinationen af area majority, hemmelige mål og stærkt begrænsede ressourcer, at designet føles friskt og giver mulighed for mange strategier. Brættet danner løbende nye forbindelser, når Bifrost flytter fra rige til rige.

Ragnarok nomineres for den stramme økonomi, det omskiftelige bræt og den ambitiøse kombination af mekanikker.

I Ragnarok har hver spiller sin hemmelig fraktion, han får point for til sidst. Om man holder med Aser eller jætter vides ikke. Alle spiller har en hemmelig evne som først kan bruges når man afslører hvordan ene tilhørsforhold er. Om man holder med et eller to af de 3 fraktioner.
2016 Winner Nominee Mother* Håkan Almer* Four newly hatched organisms fight for the love of their planetary Mother on a moon that is also their Father. Through bone mountains, endorphin geysers and rivers of blood they struggle to avoid being devoured by their own origin.

Mother is nominated for best board game for a grotesque organic theme, blending seamlessly with rock solid mechanisms. Mother’s love is fickle, and from the outset, it is uncertain what she values most. This provides great tension and replayability to the game. Finally, the game has an original market mechanic involving Father’s organs.

Mother is nominated for best innovation for the visceral theme that breathes new life (and death) into a genre in which themes are often repeated and clichés are common. The theme is also supported by original market mechanics and a gradual revelation of the endgame value of the resources. All of this together brings a unique feel to the game.

“I hope Mother will be pleased with this offering of Fathers eyes.”
Nominee Winner Kosmonaut Crisis* Morten Brøsted* Four cosmonauts headed for Neptune. They must get there before the capitalists and the Chinese competitors, so there was not enough time to go through all the security checks. The screening of the crew was also a bit hasty, so there might be spies, robots or capitalists aboard - each with their own agenda. Kremlin keeps sending new information, and if the cosmonauts are not cautious, the ship’s artificial intelligence will take over - and she will follow her own agenda that won’t always consider the well-being of the cosmonauts a priority.

The game is nominated for best board game for providing a new story with every play.

The game is nominated for best innovation for its original story that examines what “2001 - a Space Odessey” would have looked like if it had been written by a Russian in 1969. Also for the idea of an artificial intelligence that may help you to a point, only to then turn on you. And for its semi-cooperative gameplay, where the roles have different interests that intersect, instead of being black and white.

“I’m sorry, Vladimir, I can’t let you do that!”
Nominee Jumping Frog Lars Wagner Hansen *Blip* hop. *Blip* *blip* Mribbit! *Blip* splash! The cult arkade game Frogger is reinvented in this small, but tightly designed game. Frogs must brave unpredictable floating logs and water lilies to get to the other side of the river and the feast of flies that awaits.

Jumping Frog is nominated for an incredibly simple and functional design. Despite its short duration, it is complex enough to contain real strategic depth. The game can be played by children and adults together and it is rare to see such a simple game containing so many possibilities.

“Time sure is fun when you are having flies”
Nominee Midsummer Nathan Hook Mystic elves and faeries are hunting mortals from the plays of Shakespeare in a fierce competition between summer court of Titania and the winter court of Oberon, while the devious changeling is trying to manipulate events for his own gain.

In Midsummer, each player has their own goals but will win or lose with their team. Mortals are won in a simple auction, but a neat bribing mechanic can shake things up. The cards have several functions and can change value depending on the player who holds them.

Midsummer is nominated for its smooth economy and the exciting social deduction element between the secret identities. You are covertly trying to help your friends and hurt your enemies at the same time while never really being sure who is who.

“Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania!”
Nominee Orbit* Troels Vastrup Somewhere in space a cluster of space stations float around, abandoned by their mother nations who are too busy waging war against each other to care. The stations will have to get by on their own, using whatever space scrap they can gather to build the station most fit for survival. Unfortunately the solar panels are rather worn, so it is only the module closest to the sun that gets energy enough to function.

Orbit is nominated because it is a solid eurogame with a theme allowing many options for optimizing your space station. The modular construction of the station also poses an interesting challenge in activating the modules you have built. Take too many chances and your options can lock up in stress.

“Reverse, reverse! We need to use the lab module again”
Nominee Counter Defence* Jens Christian von Holck* The war between White Angels and Black Evil rages in outer space. The two fleets collide in a series of battles in different sectors. Behind the sector commanders, an admiral has the responsibility of giving the officers the resources that may turn the tides of battle. If you do well in one sector, your team gets more ships, and suddenly you are helping a teammate sitting three boards away.

Counter Defence is nominated for giving 20 players the opportunity to play the same board game in a quick, adrenalin filled flow. The game mechanic that allows the admiral to move sources gives each sector the feeling of being more than a 1-on-1 board game, but without compromising with the game’s speed or intensity.

“Sir, I really need that battle cruiser. Now, please!”
Nominee Stick Stack* Kåre Murmann Kjær* & Mads Havshøj One meter above the floor, a complicated figure of brightly coloured sticks is hanging in midair. The two players walk around it, trying to add or remove elements from the structure to advance their own chance of winning, without helping the other too much.

Stick Stack is nominated for utilizing 3D printing to create a unique gameplay experience. The game is set in three dimensions where the players’ ability to grasp spatial aspects of the construction is just as important as skillful planning of their next move.

“Let me just remove the red one here and stick in a blue instead. There, I’ve built a house.”
Nominee Air Traffic Control* Morten Lund Just as FX 766 enters the runway, ready for takeoff, the plane from Oklahoma - already late - has finally found its flight path and is cleared for landing. Its speed is slightly higher than optimal, however. Sector control is not having one of their good days it seems - but who can blame them: the air space above the nearby military airbase was suddenly closed off, the winds are blowing strong and visibility is out the window. You take a sip of your coffee. Yet another day at the office.

Air Traffic Control is nominated for combining rich details and complexity with a simple gameplay. At the same time the simulation is thoroughly authentic, making you really feel like a flight controller.

“Flight 714 to Hobro, you are cleared for take-off.”
2015 Winner Hivemind* Kasper Lapp A spaceship glides through space, containing a fragmented AI. Combat Droids race about in confusion in the corridors. Laser beams fly through the air and terrifying aliens search for the precious cargo of sleeping colonists.

Hive Mind is nominated as an interesting take on a co­op game. Here you're not playing the red robot, but the ability to go to the left. And if the 'go north' module does not remember his task, there is nothing the 'shoot' module can do to save the error.

”In space, nobody is allowed to hear you scream.”
Nominee And then the sky turned dark* Martin Bødker Enghoff* In the village food is scarce and accidents are coming in droves. Still, each family tries to get weapons made, so their personal hero can beat bandits, bears and other hostile animals to death before they attack the family and destroy all hope of survival.

And then the Sky Turned Dark is nominated for its innovative idea, with two separate but interdependent games. The games cater to two different types of players, both of which must make choices, which will have consequences, and which help to set a somber mood.

”Where did the wolf come from? All hope is lost!”
Nominee Burning Rome Emil Larsen Ancient empires and people set the stage for this epic strategy game. Do you have the iron will needed to drive elephants over the Alps? Do you prefer slow strategic advance or should your enemies be harassed by constant guerrilla attacks? The strategic choice is only the beginning of the tactical combat where your armies’ strengths and weaknesses are tested in brutal skirmishes.

The game is nominated for combining the dilemmas of worker placement, area control, and deck­building in a game for everyone that loves the combination of strategy and tactics in the many wars of history. The game takes the hard choices from three well­known genres and combines them in an unprecedented way.

”Sir... they have elephants!”
Nominee Sneglefart* Morten Weilbach* You wouldn't believe it, but there is a need for speed in the backyard when the snails determine the winners of the week’s races. It is not without obstacles, because there are cabbages, mushrooms and toads in the garden, and without the right cards in

hand, even the most driven snails stalls. Symbol recognition and deck­building combine into a fun game to be the best racing snail.

Snail’s race is nominated for being a stylish game that delivers a new angle on the racing game with a fast mechanic that fits the genre. The rules and premise match well, the players enjoy themselves and it is easy to accept that the snails are racing through the garden at turbo speed.

”If I run the cabbage, the apple and the toad over then the mole will help me to first place!”
Nominee Unwanted* Jeppe Norsker Protect your coffin and your treasures from grave robbers with all the means available to you. As a ghost, you try to beckon them with fool's gold, lock or unlock the doors, use electromagnetic fields and move around the stairs. Or maybe you show yourself in front of them and let them run away scared.

Unwanted is nominated for the well­functioning programming game that fits its theme. The game is easily accessible with good illustrations making easy elements become a complicated whole.

2014 Winner Honour among Thieves* Martin Bødker Enghoff* The blueprint is checked one last time before you get to work. This is it – The last big score before you can retire. Your partner sneaks off towards the safe, which he is supposed to crack while you crack down on the guards. Later you will be meeting up to split the loot. But who gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar?

Honour Among Thieves is nominated for its use of the heist genre as the perfect frame for a game of trust and deciet – And the chance to screw over your co-players on the final score. The theme permeates the game and from you first move you are planning how to get the best of you friends.

“Curse you and your inevitable betrayal”.
Nominee An Old Tweed Jacket and a Deerstalker* Daniel Skjold Pedersen With a full flask on the hip and a trusty gun over the shoulder the players go hunting for deer on the grounds of the estate. You are pushing you luck with each squeeze of the trigger and both horses, cows and the neighborhood dogs will fall when the chips come down.

An Old Tweed jacket and a Deerstalker is nominated for its use of simple tools to set the scene of a hunting party gone wild, making the table roar with laughter.

“Come one … You can shoot one more time.!”
Nominee Cults of Arkham Mads L. Brynnum Once again we visit the Lovecraftian universe we all know and love, but this time everything has been turned up side down. Each player controls an insane cult which tries to bring on the end of times by summoning each their Great Old One. Now you get to stalk the graveyards to plunder the dead, sacrifice your friends and study black magic at Miskatonic University, all to gain control of Arkham.

Cults of Arkham is nominated for turning a well known theme on its head and setting the stage with secret missions, sacrificial knives and the opportunity to risk your very sanity for a re-roll.

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”
Nominee Mastersmith* Martin Lindhardt* & Mads Havshøj Kristensen It’s Hammer Time. Grab your tools, boss around your journeymen and apprentices and makes the best, most desired equipment for the discerning heroes.

Mastersmith is a worker placement game where sweaty journeymen push obedient apprentices to the back of the queue when resources are handed out and purchases made. The customers make bigger and bigger demands but are willing to pay all the more for a magical master piece.

Mastersmith is nominated for a clever use of two types of workers in a way which neatly support the theme. In the best tradition of Eurogames Mastersmith demands your constant attention.

“Get out of the way pesky apprentice! Master here is taking this spot!”
Nominee Metro Mess* Jeppe Norsker The clock is ticking and the metro train thunders along the tracks. Can you change tracks in time and guide your train in ahead of the others, letting your passengers arrive first?

Metro Mess is a humoristic depiction of railway network chaos created by too many rail switch controllers trying to get their train to the destination ahead of the others. In Metro Mess you have to stay focused, while you plan the route on a map where the tracks are in constant change and the time for planning is running out fast.

Metro Mess is nominated for its accessible gameplay, which provides many brain teasers, but the clear rules make it simple to take on the challenge.

“Who moved the tracks!? My train is not supposed to go there!”
2013 Winner Stock bubbles* Jeppe Norsker Buy low, boost the stock value to the ceiling and sell, sell, sell before it crashes is your task in this game. A mix of stock exchange gambling and Jenga is not a bad description of Stock Bubbles.Stock bubbles is nominated for its gameplay, where simple game devices are used to maximise entertainment value.
Nominee 1244: The Fall of Montsegur* Frederik J. Jensen The monks of Montsegur are faced with an impossible task. Heavily besieged, the only certainty is that their fortress will fall. Will they save their faith or will they convert?1244: The Fall of Montsegur is nominated because it combines the lovely theme with an array of the best known, most modern mechanics of the rest of the board gaming world.
Nominee Heirs Lone Gram Larsen, Tina Christensen, Robert Bonde Jensen, Morten Andersen & Troels Vastrup Heirs is set in medieval Europe, where women literally stood behind their husbands and an arranged marriage was the path to success.Heirs is nominated because it is a crisp and well engineered card game where theme and gameplay combine to form a greater whole.
Nominee Dunkelwald* Martin Bødker Enghoff* The Darkness is approaching from all sides and sweat is pouring forth while you feverishly cooperate to bring the villagers to the only safe place in town: the church.Dunkelwald is nominated because of the innovative and successful implementation of the well-known cooldown mechanic from the world of computer gaming.
Nominee Croquet: A Cardboard Game Mads Havshøj Kristensen With a beer in one hand and a mallet in the other, the knights of the back garden clash in a dirty duel, where cheap tricks, low blows and bad excuses is the order of the day. Who’s getting the beer?Croquet is nominated because it is a hysterically funny, fast-paced contribution, where you - in more than one sense - are hitting your opponents on the toes, and it has accomplished to pull the well-known garden game into
2012 Winner Siege Perilous* Martin Bødker Enghoff* An original and very literally take on the myth of King Arthur's knights of the Round Table. Blending style certainly familiar mechanics with their own, and together with the beautiful presentation, it constitutes a coherent whole which players get the mood, storytelling and an incredibly solid board.The game attracts a fairly wide range of player types, from the thinking player who is focused on winning, the more atmospheric oriented plays in-character and the game tells stories.
Nominee Hospital Rush Kåre Storgaard, Steen Thomsen & Thomas Kjølby Laursen Don’t let the game’s cheerful appearance fool you – under the surface hides a cynical game with greater depth then its relative simple rules let you believe.It’s a classic worker placement game, but placed in a unique setting, well produced, and with much underacted humour. Moreover, it is very accessible and easy to learn. The use of characters each with their own unique actions ensures lots of replayability, which fits with the fact that the game has exactly the right length.
Nominee Trenchwar* Morten Brøsted* The wargame cut to the bone, actually down to 1 dimension. The game is raw, but practically presented - with rules that allow games without preparation. The game has a good flow, and represent a fairly narrow group of board games only 2 players. The game is a far - objectively meaningless - bloodbath, but it's fun and illustrates actually pretty good trench wars of the first World War.Trenchwar often leaves one party wiped out and the desire for revenge, but the game's duration makes Fortunately, the chance to rematch and a new blow not many minutes away.
Nominee Keeper of the Seals* Peter S. Wille* & Marie Krause* Able to provide a very literally ties between a number of original mechanics and machinations by the court that surrounds the game's protagonist: the king. The game is superior presented and skillfully disseminated through synergy between artwork, symbolism, layout and flavor. The rules are professionally written and layout and help players started with a rewarding game.Succeed in the balance between being an optimization game and still have lots of player interaction.
Nominee TPS (Third Person Shooter) Mads Havshøj Kristensen & Morten Lund Madness! The game breaks with the common perception of what the board is and does. Instead of being slow, too few players and with plenty of forethought, it's short, intense and utterly insane. The game's creators have thought far beyond the famous box, and created a unique game for many players simultaneously trying to peg the heads of each other in the best Counter-Strike style. It also breaks with the Convention on the board must be fair and accurate. That game has a high entertainment value for the audience is not exactly down.Where any game looks like a million or sophisticated rules - then TPS just awesome fun!
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