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FAQ for Fighting Formations: Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division
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This contains clarifications of common confusions in Fighting Formations, as taken from the official FAQ and from threads in the FF rules forum at BGG. The organization and labeling tries to follow that of the rulebook and playbook.

Official FAQ

The Official FAQ 1.02 (released 2011-08-01) is here:

Glossary - d10 is 1..10 not 0..9

If your 10-sided dice have "0" and not "10", of course treat the "0" as a "10". Just as d6=1..6, d8=1..8, d12=1..12, d20=1..20, so does d10=1..10.

3.1 Unit types - all square units are infantry regardless of art

Note that the German Motor Recon and VW Recon units are infantry (square counters), not vehicles, despite having illustrations of vehicles. (They are both "Recon" on the Melee tables.) Similarly the German MG42 and Soviet Maxim MG and DShK MG are infantry, not guns, despite having illustrations of guns.

3.31 Unit Elimination - activated units

The official FAQ clarifies:

If an eliminated platoon was activated, the resulting squads enter play activated.

Further, if an eliminated platoon was activated for a Fire order or Rally order, the resulting squads cannot themselves fire/rally (the “unit” is done, so immediately unactivate those squads). If the platoon was activated for a Move or Assault order, the resulting squads can unactivate or continue moving, at their owner’s discretion.

5.2 Hit Marker Effects

A unit with an "M" hit marker may not move, pivot, or spend MPs for a special action. It can, however, spend 1 MP to fire during an assault order.

A unit with an "M" hit marker can be activated during a Move/Advance/Assault order (e.g. to deploy it or to have it fire during an Assault); it just can't actually move. Similarly a unit with an "F" hit marker can be activated during a Fire order; it just can't actually fire.

6.4b Sighting Markers - units found to be in impassible hexes

If you have a sighting marker with an impassible hex, it is a bit unclear whether you can move one of your vehicles into it and what the result should be if the sighting marker is revealed while your vehicle is in the impassible fortification. The currently released official FAQ says that after revealing a sighting marker (6.4b), "If a unit now finds itself in an impassable hex, immediately eliminate the unit." See discussion in this thread:

6.51 Hidden Forces - each hidden marker must be set up with a unit

"During setup, the player in control of a Hidden marker will place one or more of his alloted units underneath the matching Hiding Marker." "One or more" means you must put at least one unit under each Hiding Marker.

9. Fortifications - no stacking limit

Note that no stacking limited is stated for fortification markers.

9. Fortifications can be entered before opportunity fire

As soon as a unit enters a hex, it can place itself under a fortification marker before opportunity fire occurs.

10. Asset Cards - Reaction

Timing of Reaction cards:"During" an order is during step 5 of rule 30 (not steps 1-4 or 6-7).

10. Asset Cards - depleted deck

The official FAQ clarifies: In the unlikely event that either deck is depleted, shuffle its discard pile to form a new draw pile.

21.12c Sniper Activity - you cannot reduce your command radius if it's 0

If the sniper hits you and your command radius is currently 0, you can not choose to reduce your command radius; you must choose to eliminate the Command marker.

24.6 Open Ground -1 cover

Any unit (infantry, vehicle, gun) currently activated for Move or Assault has -1 cover in Open Ground. (Infantry moving with an armored vehicle is an exception: 35.3).

30.2 Deploying and Mustering - considered simultaneous, not sequential

You can not deploy 2 hit platoons in the same hex, then muster 3 of the resulting fresh squads to make a new fresh platoon. It is considered to all happen at once, not sequentially.

32. Assault - infantry activated for assault can leave a melee hex if all enemy there are eliminated

Infantry may not enter or exit a "melee hex" via Assault, but you may still activate infantry in a melee hex for assault... and if (for any reason) all enemy in that hex are eliminated, then the hex is no longer a melee hex, so the activated infantry could leave the hex.

34.2 Melee - combat doesn't happen automatically from entering an enemy hex

Entering an enemy hex does not automatically cause combat (unlike Combat Commander). You need to later give an explicit separate Fire (or Assault) order and activate units in the melee hex to fire.

Units that are in an enemy occupied hex ("melee hex") attack via a Fire or Assault order. Only infantry may enter or exit an enemy hex (melee) on an advance order. AFV's enter or exit enemy hexes on assault orders while gun's enter or exit on move orders. Once an infantry/gun unit is already in a melee hex, it can engage in melee (fire) via either Fire order or Assault order. When activated for the latter it cannot leave the hex, but it can still expend 1 MP to fire.

34.121 Targeting Pivot - not for melee fire

If you do melee fire (return or otherwise), you do not get a free targeting pivot. You can only do a free targeting pivot if doing so would bring the target hex into their front fire arc and the firer's own hex is not in its front arc.

The official FAQ says to amend the second sentence of 34.121 to make this explicit: "Guns and vehicles with loose fire arcs may be pivoted at this time, at their owner's discretion, if doing so would bring the target hex into their front fire arc."

34.13 Return Fire - pivot with "auto miss"

You can make an Opportunity/Return Fire attack which is reduced to "auto miss" (so the attack has no effect) in order to pivot toward the target - the free pivot is carried out. See the example in rule 34.13.

34.21 Melee Targeting - Return/Opportunity Fire

The official FAQ says to amend the second sentence of 34.21 to read: "When a melee is announced by the active player,..."

Return/Opportunity Melee Fire (i.e. by the inactive player) targets the (active) unit which just acted (rather than the enemy player choosing the target as would normally happen in Melee Fire).

42.7 Walls - cover

Walls give cover only when a direct fire attack crosses a wall hexside as it enters the target hex. So they do not give cover for purposes of rally or barrages, for example.

44 Assets - cards unplayable in a scenario are not removed from the deck

Asset Cards that cannot be played in a scenario are not removed from the deck. You could still use them for a unit's special action, for instance.

45.4 Mines

Mines attack when a unit enter or leaves them, regardless of whether that's during Movement, Assault, or Advance.
Spending MPs in the mine hex (e.g. to pivot or do a special action) does not cause the mines to attack.

60.51 Deploying during setup

If you deploy a platoon into squads during setup, the resulting platoons may be set up in different hexes (unlike when a platoon is deployed as an action during play). I.e. "deploy, then set up", not "setup, then deploy".

Suggested Scenario order for learning: 0 9 8 4 7 6 5 3 1 10 2

The scenarios are ordered chronologically, but that is not the best order to play them to learn the game, in terms of increasing complexity. Chad Jensen has suggested playing scenarios in order 0 9 8 4 7 6 5 3 1 10 2

Playbook Example 2 - Command & Activation, Section D

The official FAQ says that the sentence "The Soviet player may decide which of these markers governs the cost in Initiative to activate the unit" is an error: you cannot choose your level of command. Mission always and automatically trumps Tactical; Tactical always and automatically trumps being out of command.

Rulebook & Playbook - Summary of Orders (back page) - opportunity fire

The official FAQ says to amend the first sentence of Opportunity Fire to read: "Any number of unspent units may Op Fire – one at a time – at an activated unit(s) that just expended any number of MPs during a Move or Assault order." instead of " or more MPs. (Otherwise you couldn't op fire a vehicle that just spent a half or quarter movement point moving along a road, for example!)

Map 4 - misprint

The official FAQ clarifies: Seems a bit of texture was lost somewhere in production. Hexes Q1 and Q2 are indeed woods.

After Action Report Repository

msherwoo created a page to record results from scenarios (to see which side wins more often and how long they take to play):

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