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1. Description

The Fighting Wings series of games was designed by J.D. Webster and covers air combat in World War II. The series goes into great detail in attempting to model all aspects of the air war as realistically as possible which results in a fair amount of complexity.

Each of the games focuses on a particular place and time period and includes a large number of scenarios, Aircraft Data Cards (ADCs), and historical background.

The designer was also responsible for the Air Power series of air combat games involving jet aircraft.

2. Games in the Series

Board Game: Over the Reich
Over the Reich
Board Game: Achtung: Spitfire!
Achtung - Spitfire!
Board Game: Whistling Death
Whistling Death
Board Game: Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings
Board Game: Whistling Death: Spitfires Over Darwin
Whistling Death: Spitfires Over Darwin

  • Over the Reich (published in 1994)
    • focuses on the air war over Germany from 1943-1945.
  • Achtung Spitfire (published in 1995)
    • focuses on the period around the Battle of Britain (1939-1942).
  • Wings of the Motherland (planned, no release date available)
    • focuses on the Eastern Front. Final Draft sent to publisher in early 2018. Expected late 2018/early 2019.
  • Tiger Wings (Future issue of Against the Odds)
    • focuses upon early war in the Pacific: Malaysia, DEI, Burma area. Currently in playtest at

3. Related Links

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    • Scenarios and Ship Data Cards (SDC). Go to Files section of group to download PDF's of the SDC's.
  • Archive of Aircraft Data Cards(ADC)
    • Data Cards archived from Uncle Teds and other collections, including some JD Webster official ones. Go to Files section of group to download PDF's of the ADC's.

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