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This is the Wiki to the BGG/VGG/RPGGG FoldIt team.

Team ID

Our Team ID is Geekdo


FoldIt is similar to the Folding@home fun at F@H, but with a twist

In F@h, the PC does all the calculations, and each contributor (i.e. we) donates processing unit time.
In FoldIt, we can play a puzzle game, and actually fold protein's themselves "live" on the PC.


FoldIt (A lot of your questions about folding can be answered here - it's a bit empty at the moment, though)


in preparation

How to get involved

  • First of all, Why fold?
  • The FoldIt guide is a good guide to get a your gaming for science started.
  • In case you have more in-depth questions visit the FoldIt FAQ

The lingo

In FoldIt, all you need is the FoldIt software, which you can get for free on the website.

Then, you need to get an account on the website, et voila.

Once you have that installed on your PC, it is highly recommended that you go through all the training excercises - they show a new user what the puzzle game can do, and how this contributes to curing things such as cancer and HIV. For each completed set of excercises, you will also receive an award badge on your account.

There are three big parts of the website you can play with. All three of these can make you receive awards (and aid in science).

Puzzles - soloist
This is the main part of the website. New puzzles are posted regularly, and you can sign upto all of them. Note the end date of thepuzzles. Once that date arrives, the best performing folded proteins are used by the scientists who generated the puzzle game for their R&D efforts. However, everybody who folded proteins receives points depending on the rank achieved. Your rank depends on how well you folded the protein.

Puzzles - evolver
The folded proteins become better with time. But, if you want to stop fiddling with a particular design, you can upload your best results, and anyone else in the team can pick up the work from there and try to fiddle with it to improve it. Like this, the overall work is shared within the Geekdo team, the precision and accuracy of the science we generate is improved.

Cookbook Recipes
Now, there are many cool manual ways to beat a protein into a good fold. However, for all the programmers, there are also cookbooks that can be generated by all of us and shared. This can either be a very simple array of easy commands, or can involve some nifty programming. The value of these cookbooks is judged by the amount of points they have helped to increase in anybody's proteins.
A nice article on the social aspects of FoldIt cookbooks

Team Statistics Pages

FoldIt Statistics

Participant List (BGG - FoldIt)

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