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The general forums are accessible via the forums menu at the top of the page. Game forums are available on the individual game pages. (A game's individual forums are the appropriate place to discuss that specific game or ask questions about it!)

The forums can also be accessed from the Forums Module, the Game Forums+ Module and the BGG Related Module that are shown on by default on the front page. By customizing the BGG Front Page users may also add the Off Topic Module and the Trade Forums Module to the other modules on the front page. Forum threads may be Recommended.

Please be sure to post in the correct forum for the topic of your post:

  • Messages specific to a particular game, whether rules questions, strategy, discussion or announcements belong on the individual game entry for that game!
  • Messages about gaming in general or BGG itself belong in the various general forums.

If you are a game designer/publisher and would like to promote your game on BGG, please read the Guide to Promoting Your Game before posting.

Certain topics e.g. "What to Play With Your Spouse" come up regularly. This is not to say that posting about these topics anew is forbidden or even discouraged, but it may still be worth knowing what has been said before and a quick search may answer your question.

There's a Forum Formatting guide to help spice up your posts.


Q. Why did my posts disappear?!?
A. It is possible that the original author deleted the thread in question. Further, a post deleted for any reason auto-generates a geekmail to the post's author announcing the deletion. If you did not receive such a message, then you did not have a post deleted. (Adaptation of a post by Octavian)

Q. How do I change the subject of a thread I started?
A. Simply edit your original post and change the subject.

Q. How do I set the forum to display times correctly for my time zone?
A. Go to Forums drop down, Select All Forums, On the Sub-menu select Account, In the Account Manager select Forum Settings (Timezone, etc.)

Q. How do I find an answer to a question about a game's rules?

Go to the forums for the game. (You can find a game's page by typing its title in the search box at the top of BGG pages.) If the question is not already answered (e.g. in the Rules forum, or by a FAQ or Errata file in the Files section), you can post your question in the game's Rules forum. It is best to use the game's Rules forum instead of some general forum for 2 reasons:

  • The Rules forum of each game is specifically intended to be the obvious place to look for questions/answers and discussions about a game's rules. So you help other people find the answer later.
  • Many of the most serious players of a particular game set the option to receive email notification about new content (like forum posts) about the game. So if you post in the forum for that game, instead of a general forum, the very people you most want to reach will be more likely to see your question. So you help yourself get your question answered by experienced players.

(Don't worry if that game's forum doesn't have recent posts! All posts to Rules forum will still be visible on the front page, like posts to other forums, and the people who want to be notified of new content about the game will be email-notified about your post.)

Q. How do I style, put links into, embed images into, and format my posts?
The Forum Formatting guide will show you how to style your posts.

Q. Can I hide all the posts from a person whose posts I don't wish to see?
Yes, you can Hide User Posts. Be aware that if you "plonk" someone in this way, it is against BGG policy to discuss it publicly.

Q. How do I create polls?
When creating a forum post (new thread or reply), you can insert a poll into your post by clicking the green checkmark in the row of icons over the text field. NOTE: "New Thread or Reply should not be confused with QuickReply and QuickQuote. The option to start a poll will not be in the "quick versions"!}R

Q. How do I write better and avoid confusing lose/loose, role/roll, etc in my forum posts?
See the list of Common English Errors to avoid many common English mistakes.

Q. A country does not have a listing in the 'Game Group' Forums can you add it?
A. The 'Game Group' forums are Obsolete. A Longterm commitment is to phase them out in favour of Regional Guilds.

List of forums (as of 2012-10-09)

  • Game Forums (also accessible from the Game Forums+ Module)
    • General
    • Reviews
    • Sessions
    • Rules
    • Strategy
    • Variants
    • News
    • Play By Forum
    • Organized Play
  • Publisher Forums
  • Designer Forums
  • Introduction
    • New User Questions
  • Gaming Related
    • General Gaming
    • Game Recommendations
    • Gaming Photography
    • Trades
      • CCG Trades
      • Game Parts
      • Game Valuations
    • Discussing Retailers
    • Hot Deals (also accessible from the Hot Deals Module)
      • Hot Deals - Europe
    • GeekBay
    • Gaming Articles
      • Interviews by an Optimist
      • Forward Observer
      • Musings On
      • Year of the Conventions
    • Computer Based Board Gaming
      • BrettspielWelt (BSW)
    • PBEM (Play By E-Mail)
      • Werewolf
      • The Village Square
    • Podcasts & Blogs
    • Press Releases
    • Conventions
      • World Boardgaming Championships
      • Essen
    • Women and Gaming
    • Gaming with Kids
    • Games in the Classroom
    • Do-It-Yourself
  • Board Game Design
    • Board Game Design
    • Design Contests
    • Board Game Art and Graphic Design
  • BoardGameGeek Community
    • BoardGameGeek Community
    • Geek of the Week
    • Feel the Love
  • BoardGameGeek Related (also accessible from the BGG Related Module)
    • BGG News
    • Sponored Promotions
    • BGG.CON
      • BGG.CON 2005
    • BGG General
    • BGG Suggestions
    • BGG Bugs
    • BoardGameGeek Awards
    • BoardGameSpeak
    • BGG Wiki
  • Gaming Publications
    • Game Related Comics
    • Knuckebones
    • Games International
  • Game Groups
    • United States
      • Northeast
      • Southeast
      • Midwest
      • Southwest
      • West
    • Mexico
    • Canada
      • Alberta
      • British Columbia
      • Manitoba
      • New Brunswick
      • Newfoundland and Labrador
      • Northwest Territories
      • Nova Scotia
      • Nunavut
      • Ontario
      • Prince Edward Island
      • Quebec
      • Saskatchewan
      • Yukon
    • Europe
      • England
      • Scotland
      • Wales
      • Ireland
      • Germany
      • Austria
      • Hungary
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • Portugal
      • Greece
      • Netherlands
      • Belgium
      • Sweden
      • Norway
      • Denmark
      • Finland
      • Estonia
      • Latvia
      • Czech Republic
      • Poland
    • Australia
      • VIC (Melbourne)
      • NSW (Sydney)
      • NT (Darwin)
      • SA (Adelaide)
      • ACT (Canberra)
      • WA (Perth)
      • TAS (Hobart)
      • QLD (Brisbane)
    • New Zealand
    • Asia
      • China
      • Hong Kong
      • Indoensia
      • Japan
      • Malaysia
      • Philippines
      • Singapore
      • Thailand
    • South America
    • Russia
  • Everything Else
    • Chit Chat
    • Beatnik Coffee Haus
    • Religion, Sex and Politics
    • Old BGGBlogs
    • Complaint Department
    • Testing Forum
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