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GCACW Series

1. Introduction

The Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series, commonly abbreviated as GCACW, is a highly-regarded, operational-level series of war games covering famous battles of the American Civil War. The series was started by The Avalon Hill Game Co in 1992 with its first entry, Stonewall Jackson's Way, designed by Joseph M. Balkoski. The Avalon Hill Game Co went on to add 5 more games to the series.

While Joseph M. Balkoski was solely responsible for designing the first 4 games in the series, Ed Beach designed Stonewall's Last Battle: The Chancellorsville Campaign and the two collaborated together on On to Richmond!. After The Avalon Hill Game Co closed down in 1998, MMP picked up the license and published three additional games since 2001. Ed Beach has been taking the lead on the series since its move to MMP.

2. Games

Here is a complete list of games in the series:

2.3 Pending Titles (MMP)

  • On to Richmond II, incorporating On to Richmond and Grant Takes Command plus the 1864 Petersburg campaign
  • Hood Strikes North, the 1864 Confederate invasion of Tennessee

3. Extra Modules

Additionally, MMP released a magazine to support the series called The Skirmisher. They've published 2 issues.

The Skirmisher #1

The Skirmisher #2
Burnside Takes Command mini-module
Rebels in the White House mini-module

Sheridan in the Valley was published on MMP's website.

4. Magazine References

The GENERAL Vol.29,No.4
The GENERAL Vol.29,No.5
The GENERAL Vol.30,No.3
The GENERAL Vol.31,No.1
The GENERAL Vol.31,No.4
The GENERAL Vol.31,No.5

The GENERAL Index Article List:

5. Links

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