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This is a list of game abbreviations. For other terms and abbreviations see also:

Note: WBC is an acronym for World Boardgaming Championships

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18xx - Any railway game based on the 1829/1830: Railways & Robber Barons game system, usually with 18xx in the name, such as 1829, 1830, 1835, 1870, 1856, 18EU and 18Scan. For more information see 18xx series

776 - 1776 (at WBC)

812 - War of 1812 (at WBC)

8XX - 1830: Railways & Robber Barons (at WBC)

3DoG - The Three Days of Gettysburg


A&A - Axis & Allies and related games/expansions/editions.

ABN - Air Baron (at WBC)

ACQ - Acquire (at WBC)

ACS - Atlantic Storm (at WBC)

ACV - Advanced Civilization (at WBC)

ADV - Adel Verpflichtet (Hoity Toity) (at WBC)

AFK - Afrika Korps (at WBC)

AGoT - A Game of Thrones

ALH - Alhambra (at WBC)

AMR - Amun-Re (at WBC)

ANZ - Anzio (at WBC)

AOA - Ace of Aces (at WBC)

AoM - Age of Mythology

AoN - Age of Napoleon

AOR - Age of Renaissance (at WBC)

AoS - Age of Steam

ASK - Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1 (at WBC)

ASL - Advanced Squad Leader

ATK - Attika (at WBC)

ATS - Attack Sub (at WBC)

AUC - Auction (High-Bid) (at WBC)

AVL - A Victory Lost


B17 - B-17: Queen of the Skies (at WBC)

B2B- World War II: Barbarossa to Berlin

B81 - Battle of the Bulge (at WBC)

BAHOTH - Betrayal at House on the Hill

BAT - Battle Line (at WBC)

BBS - Brawling Battleships (at WBC)

BCY - Battle Cry (at WBC)

BGotW - Arkham Horror: The Black Goat of the Woods Expansion (2007)

BGP - Battlegroup (at WBC)

BiTE - Blocks in the East (at WBC)

BiTW - Blocks in the West (at WBC)

BiA - Blocks in Afrika (at WBC)

BitP - Blocks in the Pacific (at WBC)

BKN - Breakout: Normandy (at WBC)

BRI - Britannia (at WBC)

BSG - Battlestar Galactica

BWD - Bitter Woods (at WBC)


C&C - Caesar & Cleopatra, Also used as an overall abbreviation for Richard Borg's Commands & Colors Series: Battle Cry, Memoir '44, and BattleLore.

C&C:A - Commands & Colors: Ancients

C&K - The Cities & Knights of Catan - an expansion for The Settlers of Catan.

CAR - Carcassonne (at WBC)

Carc - Carcassonne

CC or CC:E - Combat Commander: Europe

CCA - Commands & Colors: Ancients (at WBC)

CE - Cosmic Encounter

CFC - Clash for a Continent: Battles of the American Revolution and French & Indian War (at WBC)

Civ - Civilization

CKL - Crokinole (at WBC)

CMS - Circus Maximus (at WBC)

CNS - Can't Stop (at WBC)

CotDP - Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Expansion (2006)

CotE - Conquest of the Empire (1984) and Conquest of the Empire (2005)

CSA - Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (at WBC)

CYL - Caylus (at WBC)


DBA - De Bellis Antiquitatis

DBM - De Bellis Multitudinis

DIF - Down in Flames (Rise of the Luftwaffe) (at WBC)

DIM - Die Macher (at WBC)

DIP - Diplomacy (at WBC)

DUN - Dune (at WBC)


E&T - Tigris & Euphrates - originally published as Euphrat und Tigris

EE - Europe Engulfed

EF - EastFront

EIS - Enemy in Sight (at WBC)

ELC - Elk Fest (at WBC)

ELG - El Grande (at WBC)

EOS - Empire of the Sun (at WBC)

EPB - Empire Builder (at WBC)


FBS - Football Strategy (at WBC)

FDE - Formula Dé (at WBC)

FI5 - Facts in Five (at WBC)

FIS - Fire in the Sky: The Great Pacific War 1941-1945 (at WBC)

FMR - Formula Motor Racing (at WBC)

FRADRA??? - Francis Drake

FSE - Fortress Europa (at WBC)

FTP - For the People


GBACW - Any of the Great Battles of the American Civil War game series.

GBG - Gettysburg (at WBC)

GBoH - Any of the Great Battles of History games or modules.

GCA - Great Campaigns of the American Civil War, a series of games including Here Come the Rebels (at WBC)

GFL ??? - Ground Floor

GOA - Goa (at WBC)

GRD - Greed (at WBC)

GSR - Gangsters (at WBC)

GXY - Galaxy: The Dark Ages (at WBC)


ITYOTD - In the Year of the Dragon

IVH - Ivanhoe (at WBC)




KGM - Kingmaker (at WBC)

KiY - Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow Expansion (2008)

KRM - Kremlin (at WBC)

KuK - Web of Power originally published as Kardinal und König


L14 - Louis XIV (at WBC)

LIB - Liberty: The American Revolution 1775-83 (at WBC)

LID - Liar's Dice (at WBC)

LnL - Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam and associated expansions

LotR - Lord of the Rings - although the term can be applied to any and all Lord of the Rings games

LotR:C - Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation and Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

LST - Lost Cities (at WBC)


M44 - Memoir '44

MECCG - Middle-Earth

MED - Medici (at WBC)

MFD - Manifest Destiny (at WBC)

MGM - Monty's Gamble: Market Garden (at WBC)

MMS - March Madness (at WBC)

MOA - Mystery of the Abbey (at WBC)

MOV - Merchant of Venus (at WBC)

MOW - Man O' War

MRA - Monsters Ravage America (at WBC)

MtG - Magic: The Gathering


NAP - Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign, 1815 (at WBC)

NVW - Naval War (at WBC)

NW2 - The Napoleonic Wars (at WBC)

NW5 - The Napoleonic Wars (at WBC)


OLM - Oltre Mare (at WBC)


PDT - Paydirt (at WBC)

PG - Power Grid

PGD - Power Grid (at WBC)

PGF - Pro Golf (at WBC)

PGG - Panzergruppe Guderian (at WBC)

PoF - The Princes of Florence

POF - The Princes of Florence (at WBC)

PoG - Paths of Glory

POG - Paths of Glory (at WBC)

PR - Puerto Rico

PRC - Pirate's Cove (at WBC)

PRO - Puerto Rico (at WBC)

PRS - Princess Ryan's Star Marines (at WBC)

PZB - PanzerBlitz (at WBC)


RA! - Ra (at WBC)

RB - Russia Besieged

RBN - Rail Baron (at WBC)

RBS - Russia Besieged (at WBC)

RE - Reef Encounter

RftG - Race for the Galaxy

RitD - Rommel in the Desert

ROR - The Republic of Rome (at WBC)

RotH - Return of the Heroes

RRT - Railways of the World

RRY - Robo Rally (at WBC)

RSK - Risk (at WBC)

RT - Railways of the World

RYT - Royal Turf or Winner's Circle (at WBC)


S&T - Strategy & Tactics wargaming magazine

SAR - Saratoga (at WBC)

SCC - Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game (at WBC)

SCT - Speed Circuit (at WBC)

SET - Catan (at WBC)

SF - Catan: Seafarers

SFR - Santa Fe Rails (at WBC)

SGP - Saint Petersburg (at WBC)

SJN - San Juan (at WBC)

SLS - Slapshot (at WBC)

SOA - Storm over Arnhem

SoC - Catan

SoC - Shadows over Camelot - more correctly SOC

SOC - Shadows over Camelot

SoE - Struggle of Empires

SOR - Sword of Rome (at WBC)

SoS - Streets of Stalingrad

SQL - Squad Leader (at WBC)

SSB - Sports Illustrated Baseball (at WBC)

STS - StreetSoccer (at WBC)

SUC - Successors (at WBC)

SW - Small World


T&E - Tigris & Euphrates

T&T - Thurn and Taxis

T2R - Ticket to Ride

T2R:E - Ticket to Ride: Europe

TAM - TransAmerica (at WBC)

THH - The Haunting House (at WBC)

TI3 - Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)

TIM - Tigers in the Mist (at WBC)

TJM - Taj Mahal (at WBC)

TKL - Tikal (at WBC)

TOC - Triumph of Chaos (at WBC)

ToG - Genoa

TRC - The Russian Campaign or Russian Campaign II or The Russian Campaign (fourth edition)

TT2 - Titan (at WBC)

TTA - Titan:the Arena or Colossal Arena (at WBC)

TtD - Through the Desert

TTN - Titan (at WBC)

TtR - Ticket to Ride

TTR - Ticket to Ride

TtR:E - Ticket to Ride: Europe

TuT - Thurn and Taxis (German title: Thurn und Taxis)

TWS - Twilight Struggle (at WBC)

TYX - Tyranno Ex (at WBC)


UNP - Union Pacific (at WBC)

UP - Union Pacific

UPF - Up Front (at WBC)


VIP - Victory in the Pacific (at WBC)

VMBB - Von Manstein's Backhand Blow

VNC - Vinci (at WBC)


W&W - Wits & Wagers (at WBC)

WAS - War at Sea (second edition) (at WBC)

WBC - WBC is an acronym for World Boardgaming Championships

WAT - Waterloo (at WBC)

WAW - A World at War (at WBC)

WLL - Wellington (at WBC)

WNW - Wilderness War (at WBC)

WOP - Web of Power (at WBC)

WOR - War of the Ring (first edition) (at WBC)

WotR - War of the Ring (first edition)

WoW - Wings of War and associated expansions and extensions

WoW - World of Warcraft: The Boardgame

WoW:TBG - World of Warcraft: The Boardgame

WPS - Win, Place & Show (at WBC)

WRS - Wrasslin' (at WBC)

WSM - Wooden Ships & Iron Men (at WBC)

WTP - We the People (at WBC)

WW - Werewolf

WWM - War Without Mercy







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