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There are quite a few BGG users who, besides playing games, also design games, either professionally or as a hobby. This Wiki page is intended to gather on-line resources such as design advise, offers for help, materials and components, prototype construction tips, etcetera. Of course, the focus is on such resources available on BGG.

Boardgamegeek Resources


General design tips and discussion

forum threads


Creating prototypes

The Print & Play Games Wiki page offers some advise on creating games from scratch and a bunch of links to further resources.

Gaming Bits Suppliers Wiki page

Graphic designers, editors, playtesters, and other offers for help

Freelancers For Hire....

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Users owning the Playtester microbadge.

Game designers writing about their designs and/or the design process

Making the Game: Geek Designers Discuss Their Own Games, A Meta-List.

The origins of my games (Marcel-André Casasola Merkle)

The origins of my games (Andrea Angiolino)

The origins of my games (Friedemann Friese)

The origins of my games (Andrea Meyer)

(I've seen many, many more on BGG, but can't find any at the moment.)

(See also: Game Designers Who Are BGG'ers)

Non-BGG Resources

See Board Game Designers Forum discussion, resources, and everything else you could possibly need.

Sloperama's Game Biz Advice page

The Print & Play Games Wiki page and the Gaming Bits Suppliers Wiki page link to various suppliers and resources outside BGG. The thread 'ATTENTION: INDUSTRY SOURCES' has links to all kinds of useful industry resources ranging from bits suppliers to insurance companies.

Paper Soldiers for Junior Generals: large collection of simple graphics for soldiers throughout the ages.

Bruno Faidutti answers all the common questions that he receives from aspiring designers.

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