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Boardgames can be broken down into the following two basic families:

Hobby Games

Hobby games are targeted to people who consider gaming a dedicated hobby. They are primarily sold at specialty game stores, with most titles being difficult or impossible to find at mainstream retail outlets (there are some notable exceptions, of course). These games tend to be more rules intensive, and offer a wide range of play difficulty and target age groups than Mainstream games. Often hobby games can include expansions to add to the game experience for established players but as such can cost a greater investment. Therefore, Hobby Games can often be intimidating or unappealing to the general public.

Mainstream Games

Mainstream games are widely popular and are easily available in mainstream outlets such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Barnes & Noble. These games tend to be less rules-intensive, focusing more on ease of play. They are generally low cost and do not include expansions.

Within these two families of games there are several primary genres:

Genres of Hobby Games:

(*) Abstracts generally exist equally within the Hobby and Mainstream game families.

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