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We play games...
Our main goal is to have fun.
We welcome all gamers from novice to experienced.
We play games of all kinds, but mostly board games and card games.
We all very flexible and easy to get along with.
We have members of all ages and from various gaming and non-gaming backgrounds.
We promote a positive mental attitude, good sportsmanship, fair play, flexibility, open mindedness, patience and communication.
We provide many games, but also ask that members bring their favorites to share with the group.
We are always willing to teach and learn new games.

The Games Club of Maryland has more than 30 locations in MD, VA, and PA where local gamers gather to meet and play games almost any day of the week. They run 3 conventions every year and have more than 350 registered members.

More information can be found at The Games Club of Maryland Website.

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