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What Are GeekCoins?

Geekcoins are small, metal coins, similar to Geocoins. They have a unique tracking number engraved on them. This allows Geeks who get hold of one to register its location.

Where Did They Come From?

The first set were issued to each attendee of BGG.Con 2008, as part of the welcome pack. Not all of these were registered (only 49 at time of writing) and not all of those that were registered are travelling.

How do they travel?

Ideally, they will be handed on from Geek to Geek over a game or two. In practise they are also posted, though this does increase the chance of them going missing.

Where can I see where the coins have been?

The movements of each coin can be viewed at You can also see which coins you have tracked and select particular coins to watch.

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