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The monthly Games for GeekGold (G4GG) lotteries are a way for users to spend (or gain) geekgold and win (or give away) games or other items. Each month, a geeklist is created where many BGG users put games or other items on offer in a lottery format. Other users give GeekGold tips to the items they are interested in winning. At the end of the month (sometimes sooner), the user who listed the item draws a random winner and mails the game or other item to the winner.


From the words of the founder Ben Lott: The intention is more as an act of generosity. I'm giving my game away to some lucky user who only has to pay a single geekgold.


Ben Lott (blott) initiated the concept in September 2009. For several years, it was managed by Samuel Sol (yohanleafheart), then SamNzed, and currently is managed by a team of several BGG users.

Finding the Current Lotteries

This thread is updated as new lotteries are added: G4GG Subscription List - Current and Archives
This thread is where the lotteries themselves are discussed: Games for Geekgold Banter and discussion thread


The rules for the G4GG lotteries have changed regularly as the lotteries (and interest in the lotteries) have grown. Each month's lottery GeekList will have a header with all the current rules.

The rules in general are:
- If you see an item you are interested in, tip geekgold to the item to be entered to win it.
- If you list an item: at the end of the month, randomly draw a winner and ship the item to the winner.

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