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GeekLists provide a way of presenting a list of games, with images (either of your own choosing, or the Representative Image by default), along with commentary and the opportunity for others to comment. Lists may be created with a wide range of options, including allowing or prohibiting others from adding to the list or commenting on the list. GeekLists are often used to enumerate a particular subset of games, seek additional games in a category, discuss games of a particular type, Ultimate Trades, Math Trades, Virtual Flea Market, geeklist auction, and a wide variety of other uses.

The GeekList will appear in the GeekLists section of the game entry for each game and are also available in the Geeklists Module that is shown by default on the Front Page.

Geeklists may be Recommended.

Normally GeekLists show the entries 25 per page, requiring you to page through. Among the controls on the bottom of a GeekList's header entry you'll see "x items" followed by a plus sign in blue. The "Titles Only" button has been removed. Now you can click or tap on "x items" to get a concise list of the entire GeekList. This visits all elements of the GeekList and will reset all subscriptions.
Clicking/tapping the entry number of a GeekList item now brings you to the game page (as if you had clicked/tapped the game name), instead of reloading the page with the focus on the clicked/tapped item entry. To gain this "old" behaviour, you have to click/tap the entry number in the concise list.

Alternatively, shows how to see the whole list in raw XML form, useful if you are searching for some specific thing in a long geeklist. E.g.

If you're looking for information on the various options to select when making your new geeklist, try:

new forum thread How To: Create and configure a Geeklist (with screen shots)

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