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Giordano Gallo


You wrap up your business in Niigata quickly and then you make your way to a small village.
The drive out of the city was unusual. You got the distinct feeling that you were being watched.
Despite that, you arrive in the village without incident. The friend you arranged to meet is already waiting for you at the restaurant and you sit at the table just as the sake arrives.
The feeling that you are being observed has not left you.

I try to use my senses to get a feel of the surroundings, but this is new territory for me, so I cannot pinpoint anything exactly. So, sipping sake and talking leisurely with the sensei in front of me, I twist the speech to this fact.

"Sensei, I know you are at home here and perhaps know each and every one of the people that sit here with us today. Do you feel anything odd, anything out of place? My senses never lie to me, but they are... clouded just right now... As if... someone is watching me..."

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