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The 'Gouden Ludo' is an annual Flemish board game prize awarded by the gaming association FORUM-Federation. The winner is chosen by the board game clubs associated with the federation, along with other gaming clubs from the region of Flanders (dutch-speaking part of the country Belgium).

Nominees and winners (

Nominees: Dominion, Keltis, Pandemie/Pandemic, Snow Tails
Winner: Pandemie/Pandemic

Nominees: Fresco, Hoogspanning/Power Grid, Small World, Tobago
Winner: Hoogspanning/Power Grid

Nominees: 7 Wonders, Asara, Dobble, Imperial 2030
Winner: 7 Wonders

Nominees: Het dorp/Village, Kingdom Builder, King of Tokyo, Revolver
Winner: Het dorp/Village

Nominees: Love Letter, River Dragons, Terra Mystica, Tzolk'in
Winner: Terra Mystica
Special 2-player award: Agricola 2 spelers/Agricola All Creatures Big & Small

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