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Gra roku - Poland - gaming industry award since 2004
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The initial idea regarding the year used in the name of the award was to use the same year as the year during which all nominated games were published in Poland. That's why e.g. the award for 2005 was given in spring 2006 to a game published in Poland in 2005. In 2007 the committee decided to change "the enumeration part of the name". Since then the award for games published in Poland in previous year bears the current year (that the award was given) in the name. This is the reason why there is no "Game of the year" for 2006.

In 2014 added new award - Advanced game of the year.

2019 Clank! Pulsar 2849
2018 Barenpark Great Western Trail
2017 Dream Home Terraforming Mars
2016 Codenames The Voyages of Marco Polo
2015 Splendor Imperial Settlers
2014 King of Tokyo Terra Mystica
2013 Small World Robinson Crusoe: AotCI
2012 Kolejka
2011 Boże Igrzysko
2010 Through the Ages
2009 Agricola
2008 Puerto Rico
2007 Power Grid
2005 The Settlers of Catan
2004 Drakon
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