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Graphical User Representation

The Graphical User Representation is used on many screens as a short cut method to display information about a user. See the image below.


Badge Graphic
User Name
Name registered by Geek User
Geek UserID
UserID created by Geek User when the account was created.
Systems Badges
There could be up to four badges above the Geekbadge or ÜberGeekBadge.

Clicking on a BGG Admin Badge will take you to the Geek Admin wiki page.

Clicking on a Games Designer's Badge will take you to their Designer's Record in the Geek database. In order to be a Game Designer, there is a multi-step process. (1) The geekmember obviously need an account on BGG. (2) They must also be entered into the system as a Person, with their name linked as the designer for some game in the system. (3) Admin verifies that Game designer wants link, opt in not opt out. (4) Admin lastly links Person and BGG User

Clicking on a Games Publisher's Badge will take you to the Publisher's Record in the Geek database.

Either GeekBadge
or ÜberGeekBadge

  • GeekBadge - text specfied by user (costs 50 GG)
  • ÜberGeekBadge - User Designed Graphic (Upgrade from GeekBadge for additional 50 GG)

  • Note that the Game Artist badge shown above is a ÜberGeekBadge made to look like a system badge; it costs 50 GeekGold at this time.
  • For an additional 100 GG the holder of a GeekBadge or an ÜberGeekBadge can buy "overtext". Overtext displays a text flyout when a viewer mouses over the badge.

User Designed Icon
  • For an additional 100 GG the holder of a Avatar can buy "overtext". Avatar overtext displays a text flyout when a viewer mouses over the avatar.
BGG Patron
Has donated >=$15 to Geek for years identified ('04, '05, '06, & '07 in image)
maximum of 5 of the Microbadges that User has bought or been rewarded

User ID Icons

The three icons displayed just below the User ID are shown and explained below.

Country Flag
Flag of country where the User lives
Send User a Geek e-mail
Clickable hotspot which open dialog box (see below)


Clicking on the Hotspot opens the following dialog box:

View the user's game collection
View the User's blog
View the user's personal gallery of pictures
View the tags the user has created
RSS Feed
Subscribe to an RSS Feed of this user's content
Add GeekBuddy
Adds the user as one of your Geek Buddies
User Profile
Opens the User's Profile Notebook
Send GeekMail
Send the User a Geek e-mail
Hide User Posts
Hide all this user's forum posts

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