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This page is for board games. For RPGS, see RPGGeek. For video games, see VideoGameGeek.

BoardGameGeek is a website dedicated to physical board games, with an extensive database of more than 120,000 board games (as of October 2020) as well as an active community of users who discuss, argue, buy, sell, trade and play board games. Each game has its own game entry with information about a game, user ratings, forums for discussion, and a great deal more.

The forums are a good place to explore to involve yourself in the community. If you are completely new to the site, check out the Getting Started page and the Welcome to BoardGameGeek page. To start exploring the wiki, have a look at the Wiki Index, and if you want to learn more about what the wiki is and how to add content to it, go to About the BoardGameGeek Wiki.

Major Content Areas of BGG

  • Front Page
  • Dashboard - A customizable compilation of what's new on BGG
  • Games - Description of the sections on a game page
  • My Geek - Sections found on your personal page
  • Forums - Info and FAQ about the forums, plus a list of Forums
  • Blogs - Info about creating and contributing to a Blog
  • GeekLists - What GeekLists are and options for their use
  • Bazaar - Place to trade and buy games as well as BGG t-shirts and a link to the Game Store Data Base
  • Misc - Guilds, Stats, Cameras, etc. - Everything under the Misc menu above
  • Wiki Index - Top level index of this wiki

Contribute to the BGG Database

Buying, Selling and Trading Games

More Ways to Interact with BGG

Main Content Index

Become a financial supporter

To become a supporter simply go to the bottom of any page and click on the 'Support BGG' mini-menu item, or click any user's "Patron" badge. If you donate $15 or more you will receive your own Patron badge and if you donate at least $25 you can disable the advertisements on BGG.

Text Editors at BGG

BGG has two basic text editors. You can recognize them from sight using the red boxed regions in the images below for reference.

Forum Editor - Used for editing posts and other parts of the system. The Forum Editor provides support for creating markup in the editor which is then rendered in the actual post.

Wiki Editor - Used to editing wiki pages and other places. For example the game Description and Community Wiki sections are actually wiki pages.

The markup formats for the Forum Editor and the Wiki Editor are similar, but different.

Forum Editor
Wiki Editor
User: herace

User: herace

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