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Guide to Buying Games on BGG RSS Feed

There are a number of ways to buy games through BGG, including person-to-person, through BGG Auctions, GeekList auction, eBay and advertisers.

BGG Marketplace

The BGG Marketplace offers a way for individuals to list games for sale. It is requested that all person-to-person purchases go through this system, as BGG asks for a small percentage of the sale price in enabling the sale.

GeekList Auctions

Individual users will sometimes arrange to sell games via GeekList auction.


If you feel you have been the victim of a bad trader/seller/buyer, the dispute resolution process is here.

BGG Auctions

BGG Auctions are exclusively paid for with GeekGold. Not only games can be auctioned, but also game-related items, and even non-game items (including cash via PayPal).


eBay auctions may be listed for individual games on the appropriate game entry page.

Online and retail stores

Numerous threads in the Forums have discussed the various online and retail game store options. There is a wiki page, Online Gaming Vendors, and a geeklist with ratings and comments, The Good, The Bad, and the OLGS: Rate the Online Game Stores.

Receiving Notifications

In the "Board Game Entry" section of each game entry, Subscribe to the game which will cause you to receive GeekMail whenever that game is listed in BGG Marketplace or listed for auction on eBay.

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