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Adding alternate game titles and publishers

Please submit a version for the new title/publisher. Once approved, the new title/publisher will float up to the game's header. Please do not have add them via a game correction.

Adding artists to a game

Please submit a version correction to add an artist to the correct version. If the person is not yet in the database, please see Company and People entries, below.

Tiles and Naming Conventions

The title should match what is printed on the box/packaging. For more on naming conventions, please see Naming_Conventions.
Note 1: For games contained in magazines, the primary title should be the actual name of the game. The title printed on the cover, if different, is allowed to be an alternate title.
Note 2: The format of the primary name for non-latin titles if there is no English title on the box/cover/packaging should be 1 name:
Non-Latin Title (Romanized title)
If a Romanized title isn't available, a translated title is fine.
If an English title is also on the box/cover/packaging, that would be the primary name and the non Latin title would be added as an alternate name (2 separate names).

New default game title

If a game was previously released in a language other than English and now has an English release, or was released in English and then re-released with a different title, the most recent English title should be the default name on the game's page. An admin note can be submitted asking to make the title the default name; the titles themselves should not be edited.

Year Released

This is the year the game is released. For Kickstarter and other crowdfunding games, it is typically the year backers first receive the game.
The year as displayed in the header is generally the oldest listed year as per the versions tab.
Note #1: In cases where a game was first released as a print and play and then received a professionally produced copy in a different year, then the year in the header would that year instead of the year the PNP was released.

Player count

The player count should be as printed on the box or packaging. Failing that, from the publisher's official website or from someone affiliated with the game. For older games, an image from a magazine advertisement showing the play time is also acceptable.
Note #1: For base games, the player count does not take into consideration expansions, multiple core sets (as in the case of LCGs), and/or variants not included in the box.
Note #2: Games whose box or packaging states it is solitaire suitable, the minimum player count should be 1.
Note #3: For games where any number of players can play, the maximum player count should be 99.

Playing time

The playing time should be as given on the box or packaging. Failing that, from the publisher's official website or from someone affiliated with the game. For older games, an image from a magazine advertisement showing the play time is also acceptable.
Note #1: Minimum and maximum playing time can only be one number, not a range thus to set a range you would need to fill in both the minimum and maximum playing time fields.

Mfg Suggested Ages

The manufacturer suggested age should match what is on the box/packaging. Failing that, from the publisher's official website or from someone affiliated with the game.
For older games, an image from a magazine advertisement showing the suggested age is also acceptable.
Note #1: Mfg Suggested Ages is an integer only field. Submitting age as "5-10", "5+", and "5 and up" all result in age showing "5"

Web published vs. Self-published

If a game is available as downloadable content (such as for a Print & Play), choose Web published. Enter Self-published for tangible output produced by the designer, either directly or on their behalf.


Expansions (including promos) that require another expansion and the base game, should have both marked as being expanded by it. In a sense, the "expands" link should show all the items you need to have to fully use the expansion.
Note #1: Stand alone games/expansions never use expands/expanded by, they use Integrates With. This is because any game that is stand alone should be able to get a rank if it has enough votes. Expansions are prohibited from getting ranked. Therefore, there should never be a case where a game is listed as both an expansion and integrates with - it is one or the other.

Stand-alone games that are also expansions

Stand-alone games that may also be used as an expansion should not be linked as an expansion, instead the Integrates With field is used.

Base games where some versions contain small promos

Games that are linked as containing other games/expansions are compilations, and are not ranked. A base game cannot be linked as containing another item such as a promo/expansion, or it won't be ranked. Please make a note in the More Info section if a certain printing contained a promo card. If a game is released with an expansion, it may need a separate game entry. Please see When to make a new entry.

Reimplements / Reimplemented by

If a game reimplements another game, only one correction needs to be submitted (reimplements or reimplemented by). The mirror link will be added to the other game's page. Public domain games normally do not used reimplementation links. For reimplementation criteria, please see Reimplementation Criteria

Version nicknames

Please do not submit a correction to add or remove information to make the version nickname not conform to the naming guidelines.
  • The name of the game should not be re-iterated in the version nickname.
  • Version nicknames will commonly be something like First edition, English edition, or Ravensburger German edition 2014.
  • If it is necessary to include publisher, numbering, language, and/or year in a nickname entry, order them: Publisher, Language, Numbering, Other identifying information, "edition", Year.

Release date

Please note the YYYY-MM-DD format. Please use the Override Date only if you need a custom date.

Using the pencil icon to edit existing information

When editing a field, click the gray Ok button before submitting the correction.

Company and People entries

Company and people entries are not approved until they are linked to an approved database item (game).

For a new game, submit any needed people and companies first, and then wait a few minutes for the system to refresh. Then when you create the game, you can link any pending people or company submissions to the pending game entry. After the game is approved, different admins approve the people and company submissions. The pending people/publishers won't be visible until they are approved, but they are there. You will get a geekmail as each part is approved.

The Misc menu at the top of the page has links to add items to the database.

Designers and artists may be added here:

Companies may be added here:

When editing a name, click the gray Ok button before submitting the correction.

Please do not remove a publisher and leave a game or version without a publisher, or with an incorrect nickname.

Web Links

Web Links should be submitted via the Web Link module on the game, publisher, or designer page. Each link page has a Corrections button which can be used to edit the link and the link title, and can also mark a dead link to be deleted. Please see Link Submissions.


Images do not have a separate correction form. If an image is in the wrong game entry, you may submit a game correction with links to the image and the correct game entry.

Users may propose a new gallery (Game, People, Creative) by using the Propose new Gallery link to the left of the image.

Users may propose a representative image by following the steps here: representative image.

Users may edit the captions of their images by using the Edit link above the image, or delete an image that they uploaded using the Delete link.

For more information, please see Image submissions and representative image.

Admin Notes

When referencing another entry, such as a game, person, or image, please include the whole URL, and not just the item's ID.

Example: rather than "Image 1600000"

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