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There are a number of ways to sell games through BGG. All sales should go through the Marketplace, as BGG asks for a small percentage of the sale price in enabling the sale.

BGG Marketplace

The BGG Marketplace offers a way for individuals to list games for sale. Listing games in the Marketplace is free. When you make a sale, BoardGameGeek will charge you a 3% commission based on the sale price of the game.

Marketplace Seller Guide

Marketplace Buyer Guide

GeekList Auctions

Users may sell games and other items via GeekList auction. In an auction, items are sold to the highest bidder. Auctions have a starting price, the lowest number that users may bid. Some have a separate soft reserve in addition to a starting bid, and some have a Buy-it-Now price, the number at which the bidding immediately ends. Auctions may not, however, use only BIN prices. Auctions are not for selling items at set prices. Items with a set price should be listed in the BGG Marketplace. All bidding on auction items must be done by the users interested in purchasing the items. Private bids are not permitted.

When using a geeklist to auction and/or trade games the Trade/Auction List box in the header must be checked. This will include the list in the Trade and Auction lists module. The geeklist header must state that all sales will take place through the BGG Marketplace.

The easiest way to handle auction commissions is to make a single Marketplace listing under Miscellaneous Game Accessory for the grand total of all the paid winning bids. For detailed instructions, please see Listing items in the Marketplace.


GeekBay is primarily for posting announcements of Geekgold auctions or Geeklist auctions. It may also be used for lots for which the Marketplace isn't well suited (such as CCG collections, large collections all being sold together, etc). Any sales should note that they will go through the Marketplace.


Listings in the Trades forum may specify that they will also accept cash offers. In that case, they should note that sales will go through the Marketplace. See also Guide to Trading

Math Trades

Any Math Trader who accepts a cash value trade (a numerical amount via gift card, gift certificate, PayPal, actual cash, etc.) is conducting a direct sale through the site and is subject to the associated commission fee (3%) required by the Terms of Service just as with any other sale.

After the trade, the easiest thing to do is for the person receiving the GC/PayPal/cash to create a Geek Market listing and the person sending the GC/PayPal/cash buys it. For a step-by-step guide, please see this thread.

BGG Auctions

BGG Auctions are exclusively paid for with GeekGold. Not only games can be auctioned, but also game-related items, and even non-game items (including cash via PayPal). These auctions do not need to be listed in the Marketplace.


If you feel you have been the victim of a bad trader/seller/buyer, the dispute resolution process is here.


eBay auctions may be listed for individual games on the appropriate game entry page. eBay sales do not need to be listed in the Marketplace. BGG gets a small commission every time someone clicks through and buys a game on eBay.

Please do not list your eBay or other outside sale (such as craigslist or Kijiji) anywhere else on BGG. If you wish to list a game on BGG, please create a geeklist auction or Marketplace listing.

Board Game Geek Condition Policy:

New - A brand new unused, unopened, and undamaged game in perfect condition. The original packaging and all materials are in brand new condition.

Like New - Game just removed from shrink wrap. No wear and tear, all facets of the game are intact.

Very Good - Very minimal wear and tear. All game materials are present. You would give this item to a friend as a gift.

Good - Minor damage to the box and/or its contents. All game materials are present. Game maybe played once or twice.

Acceptable - Some damage to the box, but the game is still intact. Possible split corner(s) on the box. Maybe missing a non-crucial game piece. Possibly missing rules/instructions, but are available on the web. Scuffing on the game board.

Unacceptable - Major damage to box and its parts. Possibly missing several important pieces. Broken or missing board/box. No rules/instructions, and they are not readily available. Do not sell this game on Board Game Geek.

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