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FAQ for Hector and Achilles

Info taken from various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.
List of game FAQs

2.2 Fate Tiles are printed on both sides

Despite what the rules say, the Fate Tiles are printed on both sides, making it problematic to draw the top one from the stack without knowing what it will be in advance. Francesco Nepitello (designer) suggests you could draw from the bottom instead:
Or you could draw them from a bag, mix them up in your hand, manually fix your tiles so one side is black, or whatever.

2.3 Divine Favor and Shame markers on your board

The Divine Favor and Shame markers both get stored in the lower left corner of your board, but there's no special relationship or link between them. It's just one place to store them all. You could end up having 0, 1, 2, or 3 of both types independently.

2.5 Whoever wins a battle is the attacker in the next one

Some people have been confused about this. It doesn't alternate. The retreater doesn't become the attacker. The winner is always the next attacker.

5.1 The attacker can't pick "home stack" as the battle stack

If the vanguard drawn has value 4, the attacker picks from 1, 2, or 3 as the battle location. You can't pick 4=home stack as the battle location. (Of course if the defender's stack in that location is depleted, then the defender will have to use their home stack instead. But the battle is still considered to be taking place in column 1, 2, or 3.

This thematically represents ancient battles, where one might attack on the left, center, or right.

5.2 Does the attacker reveal their army card before the defender plays theirs?

The published rules imply that the attacker's army card is visible before the defender decides what to do. Francesco Nepitello (designer) says his original intent was that the attacker's army card is face down, and then revealed after the defender's card is played. In the following forum discussion, he and other players seem to agree that both versions seem playable, so players could choose which way they want to play.

5.3 Color is irrelevant in Fate Sequence

Add up all values, including Divine Favor boosts, of cards played so far to see who may rotate the Fate Tile.

5.4 Every retreat after the first causes discard of army cards

Note that after your 3rd retreat, you will have 3 shame markers. If you retreat again, you don't receive another shame marker, but you do have to discard 3 extra army cards for retreating!

5.4 How to discard after retreat

The printed rules are a bit vague. The intention of Francesco Nepitello (designer) is this:
After retreating, the loser discards all cards (and Divine Favor markers) that were played, and then returns any cards in the hand back to their deck as you always do after losing for any reason. Then the active army stack is shuffled and the necessary retreat cards (equal to the number of shame markers you already had) are discarded from the shuffled active army stack.

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