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"Entry" Section of a Game Record

This section contains:

  • The name of the game and the year the game was published
  • GameID (unique ID in the BGG database)
  • User Rating (average of all user ratings)
  • Rank (how many games have a rating this high or better, if 30+ users have rated it)
  • Your Tags and Popular Tags
  • Customize Layout (click this to change which sections you see)
  • Submit Corrections
  • Jump To Menu

Customize Layout Control

The Customize Layout control allows...

Note that the layout characteristics specified are not specific to a particular game but are for all games. Thus the customized layout is part of the "user's profile" for he system, even though it is not accesable from the User's Profile Notebook.

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See Also:

  • Game Correction - Screen which allows you to submit corrections for the basic information for a game.
  • Choose Your Modules - Allows you to select which sections are displayed for a game record, what order.
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