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Help yadayada

"Standard Tags"

The section headings are used when a general falg can be used that doesn't need comments specific to that problem area.


Can't make image the right size here


This is just a lot of work and I need help finishing it.

Customized Tags

Listed in numerical order. Each number refers to a particular spot. Also serves as a spot to leave comments about the problem at the spot in the wiki...

The wiki entry should be something like <b>[[help_yadayada#1|help_yadayada#1]]</b> so if someone clicks the link in the wiki, then they'll jump right to this wiki at the appropiate section of this file...

If you're going to make entries please:

  • Date them
  • Add your Geek User Id.
  • Wiki where problem is

You can't do a wiki search with the # so noone can do a wiki search by using something like help_yadayada#1. However once you get to the right wiki page, then you can use the search option in your web browser window to serach for text like help_yadayada#1 to find the spot n the wiki where the problem was flagged.

If you fix the indicated problem in the wiki, then e-mail the user who opened the "problem" and delete the entry from this file.


12/14/2007 herace
This is an exmaple entry.

I'm having problems getting this image to size correctly. Is this image just to big?


12/14/2007 / herace / BoardGameGeek_FAQ

There are probably other searches for the input queues. Could someone who knows what they are please add them?









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