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The HeroScape family of games and expansions is a whole line of miniatures and terrain that can be mixed and matched to play a multitude of official and user-created scenarios. It was discontinued from production in November 2010, but it's return was announced in August 2022 at GenCon. There is still quite a large following playing the game despite the hiatus.

Master Sets

Small Figure Expansions

  • Collection 1 – Malliddon's Prophecy: Grut Orcs, The IX Roman Legion, Snipers & Vipers, Heroes of Bleakwoode
  • Collection 2 – Utgar's Rage: Drones & Minions, Knights & The Swog Rider, Minute Men & Wolves, Heroes of Barrenspur
  • Collection 3 – Jandar's Oath: Gorillas & Hounds, Kilts & Commandos, Monks & Guards, Heroes of Nostralund
  • Collection 4 – Zanafor's Discovery: Soulborgs & Elves, Lawmen & Samurai, Greeks & Vipers, Heroes of Trollsford
  • Collection 5 – Thora's Vengeance: Soulborgs, Gladiators & Agents, Warriors & Soulborgs, Ninjas & Samurai
  • Collection 6 – Dawn of Darkness: Shades & Orcs, Archers & Kyrie, Zombie Horde, Heroes of Durgeth
  • Collection 7 – Fields of Valor: Spearmen & Riflemen, Templar Knights, Fiends & Vampires, Heroes of Elswin
  • Collection 8 – Defenders of Kinsland: Soldiers & Wolves, Marro Cavalry, Elves, Heroes of the Molten Sea
  • Collection 9 – Blackmoon's Siege: Braves & Brawlers, Dwarves & Repulsors, Dividers & Defenders, Heroes of the Moon Tribe
  • Collection 10 – Valkrill's Gambit: Champions of Renown, Soulborgs, Warriors & Soulborgs, Warriors of Feldspar
  • Collection D1 – Champions of the Forgotten Realms: Heroes of Faerun, Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen, Fury of the Primordials, Glaun Bog Raiders
  • Collection D2 – Warriors of Eberron: Heroes of Khorvaire, Golem and Wyrmlings, Veterans of the Last War, Ogre and Goblins.
  • Collection D3 - Moltenclaw's Invasion: Heroes of Fallcrest, Bugbears and Orcs, Advocates of Annihilation, Icewind Scourge.

Large Figure Expansions

  • Orm's Return: Heroes of Laur (a.k.a. Wave 2.5): Su-Bak-Na, Deathwalker 8000, Dünd, Charos, Brunak
  • Raknar's Vision: Heroes of Lindesfarme (a.k.a. Wave 4.5): Braxas, Major Q9, Theracus, Jotun, Nilfheim
  • Aquilla's Alliance: Heroes of the Quagmire (a.k.a. Wave 8.5): Zelrig, Gurei-Oni, Zetacron, Wo-Sa-Ga, Sujoah

Large Terrain Expansions


Promotional Figures

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