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How To Teach Guides

How To Teach Guides are documents containing suggestions and outlines to assist a game explainer that is teaching the rules to new players.

This page is a launch point to an area of the BGG wiki where BGG users can collaboratively develop the content of these documents. The links below are to the documents in development and their associated discussion threads.

For an introduction to why these pages and guides exist, you can find links to relevant forum threads and geeklists in A Call to Game Explainers. Please feel free to contribute the development of existing documents, or create new ones for games you think could use one.

Guides should follow a consistent outline format. They should be written in a concise style so that just enough information is provided to remind the explainer what should be covered next. Please use these main sections (view this document in edit mode to copy the wiki formatting codes)

Theme and Goal

Overview of Game Play

Details of Game Play

Exceptions, Corner Cases and other Loose Ends

Suggestions for Teaching

NOTE: It is recommended that, prior to beginning the explanation, the game be set up and that learners have their personal game pieces already given to them. Bold-italicized text are references to game pieces that should be displayed, held-up, or otherwise visually indicated to assist learning the game.

The Guides

Marvel Heroes (wiki |discussion)
Meuterer (wiki |discussion)
Power Grid (wiki |discussion)
Reef Encounter (wiki |discussion)
Caylus (wiki | discussion)

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