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The purpose of this page is to provide some guidance and inspiration for successful image submissions. Remember that images may also be submitted to a user gallery (found in your profile). Images in a user's gallery do not go through geekmod, so are immediately available, and may be used in posts, such as threads, session reports, geeklists, and reviews, the same as any other image.

When it comes to painted minis, rather than submitting a series of individual minis, here are some examples of combining views to give an overview. If a user wants to do a front, back, side view of each mini, they could always put those images in their user gallery and display them in the first comment under a group shot. That way, if someone wants to see more angles/detail, they're all together and easy to find.

Board Game: Arcadia Quest

Board Game: Anachrony

Board Game: RoboRally

Board Game: Runewars

Board Game: Fury of Dracula (Second Edition)

Board Game: Mice and Mystics

When showing the types of cards or tiles in a game, here are some ideas of ways to display them:

Board Game: Haggis

Board Game: Evolution

Board Game: Femetta

Board Game: Workshop Tonttu

When showing the steps for a custom project, here is an idea:

Board Game: Manoeuvre

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