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Before submitting an image, please read the BGG_Image_Policy.


A game’s image gallery plays a large role in the BoardGameGeek database. Images are useful to gamers in several ways. They can be used to compare box art for various versions, show game components and their relative scale, or demonstrate how the game looks in play. They can also give ideas on modifications other gamers have done to enhance their gaming experience. Submitting images to the database is easy. Not only is it a great way to contribute to the site, but it is also a great way to earn GeekGold.

How To Submit An Image

1. First locate the game’s page to which you wish to submit your image.

2. Scroll down to the section marked Images.

3. Click the link marked Upload.

4. You will be brought to the upload page. Please make sure that you are submitting the image to the correct game. To know which game you are submitting to, look at the top of the page. The page should say Upload Image For Game Page: (The Game). Also read and understand the uploading rules before submitting the image.

5. Click the Select Files button. A browse window will pop up. Browse to the image on your local hard drive, select it and click open. The filename of your image appears in the File Name field.

6. You must add a caption to your picture in the Caption field. This area is to describe the image being uploaded. Images without captions should not be submitted and will be declined.

7. In the Gallery field, choose from Game, People, or Creative.

  • Game - Images where the focus is on the unaltered game, box, and/or components. Shows the game as it is "out of the box/off the shelf". Rendered images created by the publisher are okay in this category because they represent the game as it will be published; one exception to this rule are rendered images of miniatures and custom dice, which should be placed in Creative since 3D renders don't always match reality.
  • People - Images where people are prominently featured with the game.
  • Creative - Images of the game that contain creative elements such as modified components (including custom painted miniatures), fun situations, storage solutions, screen shots of online implementations, advertisements, prototypes, or artwork. Any images where the game has been added to or altered.

8. Press the Upload Files button. Your image will be sent to GeekMod. Geekmodders will vote to approve or decline the image. Once approved, the image becomes available in that game’s image gallery. You will receive a geekmail letting you know that your image was approved (or declined).

Why Was My Image Submission Rejected?

Reasons that an image is rejected include:

    • Scan/copy photography of the rules.
    • Image for which no permission was stated in the caption for images that are not your own.
    • Offensive.
    • Corrupt: Image does not display correctly.
    • Too small: Images should be at least 320 x 200 pixels. Company logos are an exception.
    • Duplicate image: Image is already in the database.
    • Similar: Image is too similar to other images uploaded by the same user or to an existing image and is not of significantly better quality. Please do NOT submit individual images for every component (character, mini, card, tile, etc.)
    • Blurry: Image is not well focused.
    • Under/Overexposed: Image is too dark or bright
    • Glare: Image has a bad glare, or obscured by a reflection from the flash.
    • Badly cropped: Image has too much white space.
    • Badly rotated: Image is sideways or upside-down.
    • Wrong game.
    • Irrelevant to the game.
    • No caption.
    • Image is watermarked.
    • Too big: Scans and copy-photography images of components, such as counter sheets, cards, and other flat materials, may have a maximum resolution of 200ppi, or a maximum size of 1900 pixels on the long side, whichever is less.
    • Image is an advertisement or promotional image for a new release.

If your image is declined, seek out the reason and correct the problem. Do not try to upload again in the hopes it will get through geekmod.

Hints and Tips

For guidance and inspiration for successful image uploads, see Image Hints and Tips

Image Copyrights:

By submitting an image to BoardGameGeek, you are granting permission for it to be shown on the site, but you retain all other rights; if someone wants to use your picture elsewhere, they must obtain your permission.

Can I change an image caption after I uploaded the image?

Yes. Just click at the "Edit" button at the top of the image page.

How do I link an image to a version?

  1. Go to the page for the image (i.e. /image/#####/gamename)
  2. Click Add Version Link in the boxes to the left of the image.
  3. Select the Version from the list, and Submit.
  4. Await the approval of the linkage via GeekMod.

How do I make it the representative image for a game or version?

The representative image wiki page gives detailed instructions.
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