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Mutineers of the Seven Seas (Intrigo: Muiters van de Zeven Zeeën)

All seems well on the pirate ship the Sunken Dutchman. The latest loot has been divided among the pirates and the celebration thereof is grand.
But still, this night, there are those who do not agree. One of these dissatisfied takes charge and becomes the Ringleader of a Mutiny.
He speaks to all the Mutineers separately so they will not be able to rat each other out. Then, one by one he sends them to kill all the buccaneers on the ship.
All bearing in mind that it is the Bodyguard they need to kill before they can reach the Captain.
The Buccaneers try to fight the mutiny with all they can, throwing all guilty they find off the plank.
Will the Buccaneers be able to hear and determine who the mutineers are amongst them? Will the Mutineers be able to eliminate the Bodyguard and Captain in time?

Intrigo is a series of roleplay-Intrige card games by the Dutch game developer Alterego Games. The card games are centered on game elements involving bluff, hidden roles and the ability to sense a motive.
At the moment (2014) only the pirate themed Intrigo is available, although the superhero and medieval versions are rumored to be in production.

Intrigo: Mutineers of the Seven Seas (Muiters van de Zeven Zeeën)
This game is centered on two teams: the Mutineers who are led by their Ringleader and the Buccaneers who are loyal to the Captain.
The game is build up like a Mafia variant with more emphasis on its best qualities: Roleplaying and tension.
Mutineers has night-rounds in which all players close their eyes and one mutineer is chosen to silently walk around to choose and tag a player he wants to eliminate.
In the day-round the open role of captain can lead the discussion about what was heard that night and choose someone who is to blame.

Pivotal in Mutineers is the role of the Bodyguard, without whom the Captain would be defenseless against attacks at night.

Game Information:
Players: 7-21 excluding a Gamekeeper
Time: 30-60 minutes
Language: Dutch(released) English(Announced for 2015) German (Announced for 2015)
Keywords: Bluff, Saboteur, sneaking, roleplay, partygame

A Game by Alterego Games]

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