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FAQ for Kingdom Builder: Nomads

Info taken from FAQs in file area and various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.

See Kingdom Builder FAQ for info about the base game Kingdom Builder.
See Kingdom Builder: Crossroads FAQ for info about the second major expansion, Crossroads.

List of game FAQs

Downloadable Rules PDF

Downloadable Rules PDF with all FAQ included for all expansions

The Secret History of Kingdom Builder: Nomads

Nomad tiles

Each nomad space has only 1 tile

Put a random nomad tile face up on each nomad space during setup. No new tiles are ever placed later.

Take the tile when you build or move a house adjacent to a nomad space

"After building a settlement" means "After building or moving a settlement". (Often the rules say "build" when they mean "build or move", but not always, unfortunately.)

You don't lose a nomad tile if you no longer have settlements adjacent to its nomad space

Unlike location tiles, you don't lose a nomad tile if you no longer have no settlements adjacent to its nomad space.
(Of course you lose the nomad tile on the turn after you claim it in any case.)

Donation follows the usual adjacency rule

If it's possible to build your Donation tile houses next to existing houses, you must.

Donation on water/mountain and Fishermen/Miners

The English description is a bit ambiguous. The intention is:
A settlement on water does not score Fishermen points (but could score Miner points).
A settlement on mountains does not score Miner points (but could score Fishermen points).

Resettlement: each space entered must be legal

It's not possible to move through an illegal space (occupied, mountain, water, stone) with Resettlement. Each space entered must be valid for stopping, even if you don't stop there.

Resettlement: you can only move your own settlements

Resettlement only lets you move your own settlements. (Note that it would be extremely powerful if you could move 4 of an opponent's settlements away from locations, for example.)

Outpost: only for builds, not moves

Outpost only works with placing new settlements, not when moving existing settlements.

Sword can not cancel the end of the game

If a player places their last settlement, this is the final round even if later in the round Sword puts a settlement back into the player's supply.

The 3 new Kingdom Builder cards

Shepherds only gives points for built, not moved, settlements

Shepherds can give points for building on mountains and water

Ambassadors only give points for built, not moved, settlements

Families score regardless of the order in which the settlements are built

The settlements score regardless of the building order, so long as they form a straight line once built.

New locations

Quarry stones are limited

Stone walls are limited. If they run out, no more can be built.

Caravan movement is blocked by stone walls and board edges

Caravan movement is also blocked by stone walls and board edges.

Caravan can move settlements off of water/mountain hexes

A settlement on water can't move onto an adjacent water hex via a Caravan, but it can move onto an adjacent land hex (and continues until it hits an obstacle - water, mountains, buildings, or occupied hexes, including walls).

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