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The Kosmos two-player series of games (the "Spiele für Zwei" and recently "Für Zwei Spieler" in German) contains many popular, quality two player games that are, for the most part, easy to learn and play. The games in this series often show up in "What to Play With Your Spouse" GeekLists on BGG. Their small box also lends itself to portability. Many of the series have been published by Rio Grande Games except where noted.

The games



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Cover Photos

Board Game: Anno 1701: Das Kartenspiel
Anno 1701<br>
Board Game: Asante
Board Game: Asterix & Obelix
Asterix & Obelix<br>
Board Game: Avalon
Board Game: Babel

Board Game: Balloon Cup
Balloon Cup<br>
Board Game: Blue Moon
Blue Moon<br>
Board Game: Caesar & Cleopatra
Caesar & Cleopatra<br>
Board Game: Crocodile Pool Party
Crocodile Pool Party<br>
Board Game: Dragonheart

Board Game: Dracula
Board Game: DruidenWalzer
Board Game: Elk Fest
Board Game: Finale
Board Game: Flowerpower

Board Game: Der Goldene Kompass: Duell der Panzerbären
Der Goldene Kompass<br>Duell der Panzerbären
Board Game: Gone Fishing!
Gone Fishing!<br>
Board Game: Heave Ho!
Heave Ho!<br>
Board Game: Hellas
Board Game: Hera and Zeus
Hera and Zeus<br>

Board Game: Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
Holmes:Sherlock and Mycroft<br>
Board Game: Ingenious: Travel Edition
Ingenious - Travel Edition<br>
Board Game: Jäger und Späher
Jäger und Späher<br>
Board Game: Jambo
Board Game: James Rizzi
James Rizzi<br>

Board Game: Kahuna
Board Game: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
Lord of the Rings<br>The Confrontation
Board Game: Lord of the Rings: The Duel
Lord of the Rings<br>The Duel
Board Game: Lord of the Rings: The Search
Lord of the Rings<br>The Search
Board Game: Lost Cities
Lost Cities<br>

Board Game: Odin's Ravens
Odin's Ravens<br>
Board Game: Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League
Perry Rhodan:<br>Die Kosmische Hanse
Board Game: Die Pyramiden des Jaguar
Die Pyramiden<br>des Jaguar
Board Game: The Reef
The Reef<br>
Board Game: The Rose King

Board Game: Sakkara
Board Game: Catan Card Game
The Settlers of Catan<br>Card Game
Board Game: Starship Catan
Starship Catan<br>
Board Game: Sudoku: Duell der Meister
SuDoku<br>Duell der Meister
Board Game: Summertime
Summer Time<br>

Board Game: Tally Ho!
Tally Ho!<br>
Board Game: Targi
Board Game: Royal Visit
Times Square<br>
Board Game: Tooor!
Board Game: Ubongo: Duel
Ubongo - Das Duell<br>
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