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This is a list of the frequently asked questions for Legends of Andor.

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Legends of Andor

Q: Can the witch's potion and the helmet be combined?
A: No

Q: Herb clarifications
  • When you use an herb in combat, you use and discard it just after having rolled your dice, like the witch's potion.
  • It works for one combat turn only
  • When you use the herb while fighting the mad gor in legend 3, the herb does not boost the gor.

Q: Can the shield of any player be used after they finished their day to avoid negative event cards?
Can you block bad event cards when the "new day" event card is drawn?

A: Yes, you are allowed to use the shield, allthough there is a rule that says it's not allowed to use the items when your time-marker is already on the sunrise-field. But it meant just, that you cannot use the items when you have already ended your day and the others are still "awake". When the eventcard has to be read, then all players are on the sunrise-field, it's a new day, and you might use the shield. So the shield can block the beginning of round event card but not a player activated event card when the shield holder is not awake.

Q: Does the wizard lose his ability to turn combat dice when using the black dice from the runes (the archer can only roll once using the black.

A: No. The wizard doesn't lose his ability. He can use his ability even for the black die. By the way, the archer doesn't lose his ablity, too. He just chooses the black die instead of the green ones. Because there is only one black die, he rolls it just one time.

Q: Can the wizard use a bow to attack from an adjacent field while keeping his ability to turn a dice (possibly combined with the black dice)?

A: Yes, he can use his ability even with a bow.

Q: Can the Archer on HIS turn invite another hero to combat who stands on the enemys space?
Example: It is the archers turn. He is ADJACENT to a Gor enemy.
The Dwarf is in the same space as the Gor.
Now, can the Archer invite the Dwarf for team combat?

A: Yes

Q: According to the official english rules (FFG) you can pick up and drop Farmer tokens DURING movement without having to stop.

A: Yes. In gameplay it just felt wrong, when you had to walk to a farmer - stop - wait until next turn - and then move on. So farmers are a bit different to other tokens.

Q: When a destiny card says you have to defeat an enemy alone, it means singlehanded, no princly support?

A: Yes.

Q: As the three runestones and the witches brew all have to go on the square space on the players board, there is no doubling of the black die?

A: Yes.

Q:The event: "A blind frenzy seizes the monsters. Move the monster who occupies the highest-numbered space to move 1 space." does not include the tower skral in Legend 2?

A: Yes.

Q: Flipping a die with the mage in group combat. How is it handled?
A: After a hero has rolled his dice, the wizard decides if he wants to flip a die of this roll. He can flip only one die in a combat round. A flipped die can be combined with a helmet.

Q: When a character ends his move on a well space, the activation of the Well is mandatory (like the fog)?

A: No. It's your decision if you want to activate the well. And you are right, the fog must be activated if you end your movement on it.

Q: Can the telescope be used over the river ?

A: No. The telescope can only be used to reveal tokens in adjacent fields, not over the river.
But it is possible to use the telescope from field 16 to reveal a token on field 48. Because of the bridge, these fields are adjacent to each other.

Q: Can I use the telescope multiple times?

A: Yes, you may use the telescope as many times per turn as you like. But remember: You always have to stop to do so.

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