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Library Collection

BGG Library Collection - updated annually in the fall of each year.

Library Card/User Code

On your name badge is a barcode. This barcode will be scanned to check a game out to you. The barcode is attached to your name, therefore games checked out to you are your responsibility and we will come find YOU (not your friend that you asked to return it for you) if a game is not returned in a timely manner.

Game BarCodes - Identifying Features

All games, expansions, accessories, etc. have a barcode sticker on them. The barcode is generally located on the bottom of the item. However, it may be on the side.

White barcode stickers are sorted alphabetically A-Z, and games with numerals as the title (i.e. 7 Wonders) are in a section just before the A's.

BLUE barcode stickers identify items NEW to the collection and are shelved on the NEW shelves, again in alphabetical order.

Inside every game there should be a blue business card with instructions for taking care of the game.

Library Rules To borrow items from the BGG Library, you MUST have your badge and wristband visible. ONLY 1 base game + expansion(s) may be checked out at a time. (You may also borrow dice, clear plexiglass sheets, and other accessories.) Return all games in a TIMELY manner. New releases (those with a BLUE barcode) have a time limit for check-out of four (4) hours. We will make public announcements as needed, or find/contact you to get these returned and/or replaced. Please take care of the games and return them in better condition than you found them. After checking-in the game you played, please help our library volunteers by returning the game to the appropriate shelf unit. REMEMBER your alphabet and whether the barcode sticker is BLUE or WHITE.

Special NOTE about computers/printer in Library: We will have computers set up and linked together for the check-in/check-out process. The computers will also have internet access for looking up rules, errata, etc. These computers will be wirelessly linked to a printer for printing. However, printing rules, etc. is ONLY for games in the BGG Library. These services are NOT available for anyone's personal use.

Volunteer Opportunities

Approximately 1 month before the convention, a sign-up will be posted for attendees to sign up to volunteer in the library. You can sign up for as many one hour shifts as you would like. Responsibilities include checking in games, checking out games, straightening game shelves, adding donated games to the library system, notating missing pieces within current listings, matching missing game pieces to games, watching for badges and wristbands, unpacking and packing up and overall security of the library.

BGG.CON Library Volunteers sign up via SignUpGenius BGG.CON Library Volunteers

BGG.CON Spring Library Helpers sign up via SignUpGenius - [link TBA| BGG.SPRING Library Volunteers]

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