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List of unofficial expansions for Carcassonne

The following list contains expansions for Carcassonne that have been created by fans of the game. The term expansion is defined as variants which include new tiles or meeples. Variants which only make use of tiles and meeples that come with Carcassonne and its official expansions may be covered by a separate article in the future.

Additional Tiles, Additional Rules

The following expansions require you to create additional tiles. You can either try to find a similar material, or buy an additional Carcassonne base game or expansion and modify the tiles from that. New tile artwork should be printed on label paper for best results, though you can print on regular paper and glue to the tiles. Either way, you can then dip the edges in glue to seal or apply an acrylic clear coat.

Completion bonus

Additional Meeples, Additional Rules

These expansions have no additional tiles, but do requires additional meeples. Some contain suggestions on where to obtain meeples. Others require you to repaint or otherwise modify existing meeples. If you have a spare base game set, you may already have extra meeples. If not, you can buy additional meeples from in a variety of colors (including unpainted).

House Rules

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