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Ludoteka is a Spanish online game site devoted to abstract strategy and card games.
It is a commercial site, but the only limitations of the free accounts is the total playing time per day. Everything else (game rating, history and advanced features) is available to all players.

Most of the games at Ludoteka are abstract strategy games, ranging from popular ones to games that can't be played anywhere else.

The site has all the standard features of game sites :

  • All games are saved permanently, and can be reviewed online.
  • There is a ranking system, but games can also be played unranked.
  • There is a database tool to find games of particular players or particular pairs of players.

The interface requires Java but no other special resources.

The Games

As of December 2006 there are 45 games playable online: 28 board games and 17 card games

Popular abstract games

Games that can be played in many other sites.

Traditional abstract games

Traditional and established games, that however can't be easily found online.

Draughts games

Games part of the family of Draughts/Checkers

Modern abstracts

Recent abstracts, some popular, other rather obscure

Cards and dice

Games with luck elements.

  • Parcheesi
  • Parcheesi without dice
  • Domino
  • Backgammon
  • Liar poker
  • Mus
  • Pocha
  • Liar cards
  • Escoba
  • Scopa
  • Brisca
  • Sixes
  • Tute
  • Tute subastado
  • Havanian tute
  • Tute cabrón
  • Letter soup

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