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These are programmed adventures designed to be used with the Melee and Wizard fantasy skirmish boardgames or with The Fantasy Trip - In The Labyrinth. They can be played solo, two-player, or multi-player.

See also: Metagaming MicroGames series, Metagaming MicroHistory series

Two other Metagaming titles also have some connection to the series. The Lords of Underearth has rules for using it with Melee/Wizard. Dragons of Underearth was a reworking of the system.

Board Game: Death Test

Board Game: Death Test 2

Board Game: Grail Quest

Board Game: Treasure of the Silver Dragon

Board Game: Security Station

Board Game: Treasure of Unicorn Gold

Board Game: Master of the Amulets

Board Game: Orb Quest

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Board Game: Dragons of Underearth

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