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A place where Elven Archer, Space Explorer and World Adventurer alike can come together to discuss our hobby. RPG Geek offers a powerful forum system that is unlike other forums you might be accustomed to. This can cause some disorientation for those not familiar with the way it works. This is a very short guide to help you get the lay of the land.

The forums on RPG Geek (which include special forums designed to hold Reviews and Session Reports) are data-centric. That is, the forums are not in a traditional hierarchy as they might be for other sites. We center our forums around the games themselves. This is a bit of a foreign concept for most! What that means is that you don't post a question about the original 1977 AD&D Monster Manual to a general forum - you go to the page for the AD&D Monster Manual in our database and scroll down to the forum section and post it there. It will show up on the front page of RPG Geek all correctly linked to the 1977 Monster Manual book. If you have a more general question about AD&D 1st Edition (not specific to any book), you can post it to the forums attached to the parent RPG (in this case, AD&D 1st Edition). If you have a question about a specific Series or Setting, you can post your question to forums attached to any of those.

This somewhat foreign concept of a data-centric world is one of RPG Geeks greatest strengths. It means that small press games like Luke Crane's The Burning Wheel Fantasy Roleplaying System (Revised) have the same powerful forum capabilities and resources as Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Edition). It also means that Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Edition) is on equal footing with GURPS (4th Edition) and The World of Darkness. In a week, a month or a year, someone can come to search on a specific game and see the discussion attached to that very game without having to weed through endless general forum postings.

When browsing in our system, you will find that these RPG Geek levels:


All have the following forums attached to them: Reviews, Sessions, General, GMs Only, Rules, House Rules, News, Play By Forum

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Forum Links at the Bottom of an RPG Item

These RPG Geek levels:


only have the |General| forum attached.

Special Link Tags in Forum Posts

When you post to any forum you will see the following:

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Insert Geek Link

You can use this pull-down to create a link to RPGs, Authors, Genres, etc. Using this you can produce links that look like: Player's Handbook 2 (D&D 4e). You can even use this to link across to Video Games or Board Games. It's a powerful tool - use it!

For other formatting information, see Forum Formatting.

Session Reports and Reviews

Our database is hierarchical and so are the forums, reviews and session reports. If you post a review of the Player's Handbook v3.5 using the forums attached to that item, you will see those posts linked in not only at the item level, but also at the parent RPG level! Likewise, if you put a review in at the RPG level, it will also show in the parent Family level.

When you want to enter a review or a session, decide if the commentary you are making is specific to a single book, or the entire game. If it is specific to a given book - post the review or session at the item level. If you want to make a review or comment that applies to the entire game, post it at the RPG level.

Any session posted to the appropriate forum will also show in the Sessions list on the front page.

Any review posted to the appropriate forum will also show in the Reviews list on the front page.


You can subscribe to posts at any level. If you are interested only in Player's Handbook commentary, you can subscribe at the item level. If you want anything and everything related to D&D v3.5 you can subscribe at the RPG level. Interested in a particular mechanic? Subscribe to that mechanic and see all related discussion. This provides a huge level of control for the end-user. Don't knock it until you've tried it! In most places (forum posts, reviews, items) you will see a subscription link which you can click on to subscribe at that level. This link looks like:

User: wavemotion

When you log into the RPG Geek, the top of the screen (above the menu bar) will show you if you have any new subscriptions to read:

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If you want to manage your subscriptions (including a host of cool options to get emails when someone posts to your favorite threads, etc):

General Purpose Forums

In addition to the data-centric forums mentioned above, we do have some general purpose forums. The most popular of which are:

General Role-Playing - General discussion about the RPG hobby. This is likely to be the most active forum.
Game Masters - A forum for GMs to discuss ideas - potential spoilers here so tread lightly!
RPG Design - Post articles related to designing and developing RPGs.
How To RPGG - Related to the RPG Geek site itself (great place to ask questions on the site itself)
RPGG Suggestions - Post and discuss suggestions to improve the site.
The Tavern - The off topic place to kick back, drink ale and talk about anything you want.

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