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Geekmodding allows the user community to approve or decline images and articles entered into the system. This takes the burden off of the admins and allows the user community to help with the quality control of content on the site. The job is fairly easy - but there are rules. The rules for images and articles are posted on each Geekmod screen so you'll know what criteria to base your Approve/Decline vote. This process also earns you geekgold - 0.01 (a "Geek-Penny") for every approve vote that eventually gets into the system and 0.05 (a "Geek-Nickel") for every decline that gets rejected properly. Do not vote as you think the majority will vote - use the guidelines as your criteria for voting.

Geekmodding is done here: (and then choose one of the Geekmod areas: Images, Image Links, Articles, Data)

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