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When you first join the Geek it can be overwhelming. This User Guide will help you get started interacting with the Geek website - cataloging your collection, setting up your profile, etc. But how do you get started interacting with the community here?

The RPG Geek community is very friendly, and if we notice a New User (you'll have the New User geek badge for a while after you join the site) posting in game forums we'll say hi as well as responding. If you remember the Site Etiquette, you'll be fine. Read over forum threads, subscribe to those that interest you, and comment when you have something to say.

There are also a few threads where you can post specifically to introduce yourself and get started.
The main one is the Building Community Geeklist. To post to the Geeklist, click 'Add Item' at the base of the introduction, choose any RPG item to represent yourself, and then post an introductory paragraph or two. You'll be greeted by established users of the site - and tipped 5GG towards an avatar or a microbadge.

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