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RPG Geek has a very active Play-By-Forum community. Roleplaying games are run in forum threads, with players writing down their character actions and dialogue and using the versatile Geek Randomizer (see the Geek Randomizer Guide) to resolve actions. The GM for a game will lay down his or her expectations for posting frequency, but games generally take place with everyone checking and posting several times a week.

There is a Play-by-Forum section of the forums, in which people post when they are searching for or recruiting for a game. You can subscribe to that forum to keep track of what games are available. You can also find threads here on the etiquette and format of PbF games. One of the more comprehensive of these threads is the PLAY-By-FORUM (PbF) - FAQ & REFERENCE thread.

Once games are organised, the GM of the PbF game will create in and out of character threads attached to the particular game entry in the Play by Forum section. You can view any PbF games running for a particular RPG by going to the game or item entry, scrolling down to the Forums module, and selecting the Play by Forum filter. If you are in a PbF game, subscribing to the threads is the best way of following them.

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