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Tags can be added to any thread, review, geeklist, blog post or game in the system. Located under the thread header, or towards the bottom of the item entry page, you will find a small tag section that offers the option to Add tags

User: regency_rhi

You can enter whatever tags you want. Tags that have been added to the item by several others or by an admin will appear as 'Popular tags'. Clicking on a tag will take you to a list of threads or items that share that tag.

Tags are only of use when enough items are tagged, so the list of items sharing that tag is meaningful. Personal tags can also help you keep track of items linked together in your mind, or keep track of threads that give advice on a particular topic.

Tags are particularly useful to keep track of certain series of items that aren't linked in other ways by the system, such as the Question of the Day posts, tagged as QotD, or reviews in one of the Iron Review contests.

You can also look at the Tag Cloud, accessed under Misc on the main menu bar, to see the most popular tags, although they are dominated by BGG tags.

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