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Moves was a wargaming magazine originally published by SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) as a house organ in 1972.
Strategy & Tactics had developed from a wargaming magazine into a military history magazine featuring a new game in each issue, and so Moves was intended to cover the gaming end of SPI - issues generally had a discussion of the next few games under development, and extensive articles on the latest game released. It was canceled shortly after the purchase of SPI by TSR, and the final issue (#60) of the original run was published in December of 1981.

A second run of issues began publication in 1991 with issue #61, when 3W (World Wide Wargames) ceased publication of The Wargamer in favor of restarting the well-known Moves title. It was bought, along with Fire & Movement and Strategy & Tactics by Decision Games (I) and ceased publication with issue #108.

Decision Games (I) now offers electronic access, via PDF format, to the first sixty issues of Moves magazine via the website Strategy & Tactics Press and their Strategy & Tactics Press Premium Membership (US $19.95/year). See MOVES Magazine Archive discussion.

Issues which included games: 71 Maneuver


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