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My Geek is the BGG page that's all about you. What games you've played, your online buddies, the games you own or want to own or want to trade for something else.

Common Layout

These parts of the My Geek layout appear on most of the My Geek pages.

  • BoardGameGeek Preferences: This section allows to set some of your BGG preferences including AdBlocking, notifications, and inclusion in the gamer database
  • User Profile for UserName: This section is mostly a spot for you to tell us a little about yourself. It also lets you set your Avatar, buy Geek, ÜberGeek and Micro badges and edit which microbadges are currently displayed.
  • Microbadges for UserName: This section shows all the microbadges you own and lets you buy more.
  • User Details for UserName: This section has more personal info; you current e-mail, address, phone number, etc. This is mostly optional. If you fill in your address BGG will use the address here as your shipping address if you purchase games through the BGG Marketplace.


LRC, Apples to Apples, Dread Pirate, Pharaoh, Citadels, Carcassonne, Catan, Arkham Horror, whatever.

Games which you own, or have rated or commented or logged or subscribed etc, appear in your "collection".


The game's primary title. Some games have more than one title. If your copy has a different title, too bad. You might mention your copy's title in your comment about the game to help you search and find it in your collection if you have trouble remembering the primary title.

User Rating

Your personal assessment of the game (from 1 to 10). You can click this to change your rating.

BGG Rating

The overall average rating of the game by all users who have rated it.


How many plays have you logged of the game? You can click this to log more plays, setting the date (YYYY-MM-DD format) and number of plays.


Shows if you own the game and whether you have requested to be Notified of New Content (when someone posts or uploads a file, etc.) for that specific game.


Click this to edit your various data about the game.


Click this to remove the game from your collection.


A text field for your comments about the game, e.g. a short review, anecdote, when you acquired it, etc. You can click on this field directly to edit your comments, or click on the Edit link to edit your comments.


A text field to describe the condition of your game (e.g. if you are interested in trading it away). You can click on this field directly to edit your condition, or click on the Edit link to edit your condition.

Most of the properties like Owned, For Trade and Wanted are editable from the page of the games themselves. For instance, if you want to add Settlers of Catan to your collection go to the games database page for Settlers of Catan, then go to the Collection section (at the very bottom unless you moved it), click the "Owned" check box and then the Submit button.

Other properties like Sold and For Sale are taken from the BGG Marketplace.

  • Owned: Shows the number of games you own with a link to the whole list.
  • For Trade: Is the number of games you're offering for trade with a link.
  • Wanted: You guessed it, the number of games you marked as wanted along with a link.
  • For Sale: Number of same you have for sale in the BGG Marketplace.
  • Sold: Number of games you've sold in the BGG Marketplace.
  • Wishlist: Number of games you marked as being on your wishlist.
  • Has Parts: Games where you have parts from the game.
  • Want Parts: Games where you need parts from the game.
  • Trades: Your trade rating, it's kind of like an e-Bay seller rating, and a link for folks to propose a trade with you.
  • Marketplace: Your Marketplace Rating, again, like e-bay, and a link to all the feedback people have left about you in the Marketplace.
  • Played: Number of games you've marked as played (if you log your plays), along with links to games from the last 30 days and a complete chronological listing (you know that you wanted to know).
  • Ratings: The number of games that you've rated, your Average Rating, and the usual link to the list of rated games.
  • Game Rating Distribution: Number and links for each rating given.
  • Top 10: A top-10 list. Most folks use it for their top-10 favorite games of all time but that doesn't mean you have use it for that.
  • Hot 10: A hot-10 list. Most folks use it to list either the games they're playing a lot lately or the the games they really want to play.








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