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The Nordic Game Award is a gaming industry award presented by

Mostly for Electronic games but in 2015 they also introduced the Boardic Game Sensation Award for boardgames:

More information about the award can be found at and

2015 Winner My Words Exactly* Freid Dice/Maxime Moze Denmark My Words Exactly is a hectic and fast-paced word association game that forces players to think in alternative ways. Innovative quiz and guessing games are hard to come by, but My Words Exactly manages to bring something new to the genre. My Words Exactly was published as Plingo in 2016.
2015 Nominee Slice and Dice* Erik Svedäng* & Nicolai Troshinsky Sweden Increasingly epic battles are fought over the course of five rounds using dice, cards, cunning tricks and a variety of troops like the “Samurai”, the “Sensei” and the mighty “Dragon”. The jury chose Slice and Dice for its unique theme and beautiful graphic design.
2015 Nominee Automania Kristian Amundsen Østby & Kenneth Minde Norway Automania is a unique Euro-style strategy game, where players each run their own car factory, competing to produce the most popular cars in the world. Automania has a solid, thoroughly tested and balanced design that will keep you hooked until the game’s end.
2015 Nominee Bloom* Lauge Luchau Denmark Replace the abandoned city on the board with Nature and let your liberated farm animals move in. The jury choose Bloom as it was both challenging and innovative. There is nothing more satisfactory than creating new Nature in a post-apocalyptic world!
2015 Nominee No More Money* Erik Svedäng* & Petri Puhro* Sweden & Finland The year is 1929. It has been a decade of boundless economic growth for America. Trading on the stock market is at an all-time high thanks to generous loans from the big banks. No More Money has a fun auction-and-trading mechanic that will turn you into a ruthless investment banker.
2015 Nominee Hivemind* Kasper Lapp Denmark A spaceship AI has broken into separate entities (the players) – these must cooperatively move robots around the ship to stop an invading alien horde. The jury chose Hivemind for the game’s well-balanced co-op mechanic that keeps all the players engaged and engrossed. Hivemind will be published as Magic Maze in 2017.

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