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OLWLG "To Do" List

  • Automatic (hourly) resyncing for active math trades
  • check/uncheck all in step 4 (see miscellaneous section below for firefox plugin)
  • completely un-adding a dummy item (so it doesn't show up in step 4)
  • enable deletion of dummy items
  • highlight somehow items in step 4 that appear you don't want (no boxes checked)
  • deal better with non-ascii characters
  • allow geeklist owner to assign altname
  • detect failures when trying to send geekmails
  • import and/or export
  • be able to click on opened image and go to image on bgg page
  • be able to display the item's owners comment/condition notes
  • revisit precedence of highlighting colors in step 3 (of bgg flags)
  • be able to override auto dup protection for "Copies:" offered items (asked by esok)
  • new timestamp field for MT "options" to give time of scheduled swap (for no-ship MT's)
  • Click to highlight row/column option since headers scroll off-screen in Step 4
  • Step 4 table headers that stay on the screen when scrolling.
  • Enable horizontal scrolling when step 4 gets too wide.
  • Reduce load on server / improve pageload time on step2 by listing only current & recent, moving others to a history page.
  • Alternate Summary View - Each item is a game wanted(then each item user would trade for it underneath)
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