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The Front Page of RPG Geek (also known as the landing page: i.e. the page you get to when you type has a slew of modules. Each module contains some specific content - it may be news, general forum postings, play by forum posts, podcast fetches, etc. There are a number of modules turned on by default. There are a number of additional modules you can turn on. You can configure the size and location of the modules.

To edit the way your front page looks, locate the Announcements module which is generally in the upper left-hand corner of your front page.

User: wavemotion

Click on Edit Front Page and you will be shown your default front page settings. This generally looks like:

User: wavemotion

You can remove any modules you don't want to see. You can change the size of any module (showing more than 10 items, for example). You can drag modules around to reposition them. You can also add more modules - the list of modules shown when you Add a Module is:

User: wavemotion

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