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Board Game: Piecepack

Piecepack is a Game System developed by James Kyle. It was developed to be an open source game system modeled after a deck of playing cards. There are over one hundred games available for the game system. Some use only piecepack components, whereas others use additional components such as Icehouse Pieces, a deck of cards, an 8×8 board (chess board), or Hexpack components.

Graphics for piecepack can be freely downloaded, though there are vendors who produce sets for purchase.


(from James Kyle's article on the system)
  • 24 square tiles - obverse marked with suit and value, both in color matching the suit reverse marked with two lines forming a two space by two space grid one tile per suit/value combination
  • 24 round coins - obverse marked with value, in black reverse marked with suit, in color matching the suit both sides marked with one directional indicator (tick mark) at the edge one coin per suit/value combination
  • 4 six-sided dice - faces marked with values, in color matching the suit (ace icon indicates suit) one die per suit
  • 4 pawns - one pawn per suit, in color matching the suit

The piecepack suits are suns, moons, crowns, and arms (fleur-de-lis). The piecepack values are 5, 4, 3, 2, ace, and null (blank).


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